WaPo: How to Modify a Home to Help Seniors Age in Place

One of the strongest arguments that anyone can make about the potential assistance a reverse mortgage loan can provide to a senior is in discussing how the loan proceeds can be used to help that older person age in place. Remaining in the home has taken on an increased level of importance recently due to […]

The Latest Reverse Mortgage News: Forbes, CNBC and More

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic’s tightening, continued grip on the United States, some of the nation’s most prominent mainstream news outlets have turned their attention to the reverse mortgage product concept as Americans continue to seek financial relief after enduring the economic shock that the pandemic has caused. Because of the newfound financial stress […]

Washington Post: Home Equity Access Has Become ‘Problematic’

As the economic impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic continues to intensify as time goes on, the ability for Americans to access the equity in their homes has only gotten more complicated and even problematic. This is according to housing experts and data analysis appearing this week in the Washington Post. While as many as […]

Washington Post: Consider Reverse Mortgages, But Be Aware of Cons

Reverse mortgages can be viable options for older Americans who are looking to borrow money for an abundance of reasons, and should be considered based on their own merits. Still, prospective borrowers should be aware of any potential cons that reverse mortgages may have, including high upfront costs and the critical necessity of being able […]