ReverseVision Unveils New Pricing Model, Service Tiers

Reverse mortgage technology platform ReverseVision today announced that it has restructured its technology service plans and pricing matrix in an effort to streamline the entry of lenders into the reverse mortgage business space, while further aligning its offerings with a broader mission of allowing more adequate service to senior customers who use FHA lending programs. […]

ReverseVision Promotes Langner to President and CEO as He Shares His 2021 Vision

Reverse mortgage technology platform ReverseVision today announced the promotion of Joe Langner to the joint position of president and chief executive officer (CEO), elevating the executive who has served as the company’s president since early last year. His new duties in this expanded role are designed to lead ReverseVision in its mission to introduce reverse […]

Voices: Jim Magner, Chief Technology Officer, ReverseVision

This article is sponsored by ReverseVision. In this Voices interview, RMD sits down with Jim Magner, ReverseVision Chief Technology Officer to get his take on the current state of reverse mortgage technology, how ReverseVision is approaching market expansion by bringing reverse mortgage origination capabilities well beyond the current industry players, and how a varied background […]

ReverseVision Updates Documents and Software to Support CMT Transition

In response to the abrupt shift away from the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) index and toward the Constant Maturity Treasury (CMT) index, reverse mortgage loan origination system (LOS) software provider ReverseVision has updated all documents that reference an index to support both LIBOR and CMT indices. While the shift to a new rate index […]

Reverse Mortgage Lenders, Servicers and Software Providers Prepare for Rate Index Shift

As the timeline for the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) index’s service as the basis for adjustable-rate reverse mortgages has been considerably shortened after a decision last month by the Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA, or “Ginnie Mae”), the reverse mortgage industry has found itself needing to quickly adapt to the adoption of a new […]

HEQ Talk: Joe Langner, President of ReverseVision [Sponsored]

Earlier this year, reverse mortgage origination platform market leader ReverseVision welcomed a new president to the company. Joe Langner has ample experience in the forward mortgage world, and has visualized a distinct opportunity to leverage many of the relationships he’s spent his career developing to push the stature of the reverse mortgage business segment forward […]

ReverseVision Adds New VP of Operations and Engineers to Enhance Software

San Diego-based reverse mortgage technology platform ReverseVision today announced the hiring of Justin Burns as VP of operations, along with senior software engineers Aron Weiler and Alan Gutierrez to oversee new enhancements to the company’s software offerings. Burns’ duties will include oversight of company operations, where he will be tasked with streamlining existing processes and […]