Get Ready, Reverse Mortgage Pros: Gen X’s Money Concerns Outweigh Those of Boomers

Americans in the demographic cohort known as “Generation X,” signifying those born between approximately 1961 and 1980, are displaying larger signs of anxiety related to their finances than the baby boomer generation. This is according to the 2020 Workplace Benefits Report by Bank of America, and cited by retirement media website NextAvenue. “[The survey] found […]

NextAvenue: Reverse Mortgages May ‘Backfire’ for Retirees, Though New Protections are Welcome

A lack of borrower awareness around continuing obligations, small debts and ongoing issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic could cause borrowers taking out a reverse mortgage to “backfire” for some retirees. This is according to an article published by retirement website NextAvenue, and republished by MarketWatch. Being aware of continuing obligations the borrower has after […]

Finance Columnist Describes Reverse Mortgage Change of Heart

As the reverse mortgage industry continues to deal with issues related to its reputation among consumers and other financial professionals, a respected financing columnist has recently discussed how her former opposition to reverse mortgage products has evolved into an appreciation for them due to additional borrower protections and strategic use cases. Jane Bryant Quinn, who […]

Rising Senior Debt Levels are Concerning Researchers

While more seniors today are embracing more active lifestyles and generally working longer, academics conducting research into the lives of modern older Americans are also recording an increasing trend in seniors’ embrace of debt, which has both financial consequences while also raising mental health concerns. “The median total consumer debt of households headed by someone […]