Motley Fool: Home Equity a ‘Surprising’ Source of Retirement Income

While Americans have a multitude of potential options and avenues they can use to fund their life after completing a career, many Americans — including current seniors — often find themselves unprepared for retirement. This is why it may be necessary to seek out less traditional sources of retirement funding, and one such potential source […]

For Many Seniors, the Home is ‘Unexpected’ Retirement Funding Source

For seniors across America, considering how to fund retirement if existing assets are insufficient can be an exercise in creative thinking resulting in expanding the canvas of thinking to encompass a broader range of potential options. For many seniors who are also homeowners, thinking of the home as a potential source of retirement funding is […]

Motley Fool: Reverse Mortgage a ‘Proven’ Way to Boost Retirement Income

Maintaining enough income in retirement is an ongoing issue for many American seniors, and finding effective methods to maintain or bolster senior finances becomes a major concern. One such proven way to boost retirement income is by employing a reverse mortgage, particularly since it requires no monthly payments. This is according to financial columnist Selena […]