Researcher: Half of U.S. Households Face Retirement Risk

Based on the recent release of the Federal Reserve’s 2019 Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF), as much as half of today’s current American households are at serious risk of not having enough resources in retirement. Some of these risks can be mitigated with financial products including reverse mortgages, but more action is needed to fix […]

MarketWatch: What to Know About Using a Reverse Mortgage to Convert Retirement Assets

The tax implications of using a Roth Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to convert assets from a traditional retirement account may give some people understandable pause, however one potential solution for paying the associated taxes could be the use of a reverse mortgage. This is according to Stephen Resch, VP of retirement strategies at Finance of […]

NextAvenue: Reverse Mortgages May ‘Backfire’ for Retirees, Though New Protections are Welcome

A lack of borrower awareness around continuing obligations, small debts and ongoing issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic could cause borrowers taking out a reverse mortgage to “backfire” for some retirees. This is according to an article published by retirement website NextAvenue, and republished by MarketWatch. Being aware of continuing obligations the borrower has after […]

MarketWatch: How Reverse Mortgages Can Provide Retirement Income

Tapping home equity is often an overlooked possible source of income for those with fixed resources, and considering the home equity that seniors have access to, reverse mortgage products should be considered when coming up with a retirement funding plan. This is according to Stephen Resch, VP of retirement strategies at Finance of America Reverse […]