CBS Local News: Reverse Mortgages Work Well, With Caution

A local CBS news segment shows a happy reverse mortgage borrower and explains how the loan can be used to stay at home.  For those who meet the 62-plus age requirement, are on a fixed income, and plan to stay in the home for a number of years, a reverse mortgage can be a good […]

Video: Reverse Mortage Solutions Sees “Forward” Opportunity

Reverse Mortgage Solutions’ Mike Kent, president of mortgage lending, sat down with RMD at the NRMLA Eastern Regional conference in New York a couple of weeks back to talk about new opportunities for the reverse mortgage company, and what’s on the horizon for RMS on the “forward” side of the business. We asked Mike: What […]

Daily Show Asks: What’s so Wrong With CFPB’s Cordray Appointment?

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart poked fun at the outcry against President Obama’s recess appointment of Richard Cordray to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in a show that ran late last week. “What did he do that was so wrong?” Stewart asks. “That’s use of power!” he says of Obama’s appointment. The Daily Show […]

Reverse Mortgages Will Become More Attractive, NECN Segment Says

“Read the fine print,” advises Jennifer Lane, certified financial planner, in an interview with New England Cable News this week on the topic of reverse mortgages. “That’s why a lot of financial planners tell people to stay away from reverse mortgages.” Lane cites high closing costs as something borrowers should look out for, but says […]

Suze Orman: Don’t Get a Reverse Mortgage “Just Because”

In a financial advice segment published by CNBC earlier this month, adviser Suze Orman addresses a reader question about whether a reverse mortgage is right for the viewer and her husband. The viewer, whose husband is considering the reverse mortgage, says she is skeptical about the option. The couple should not get the reverse mortgage […]

Friday Round-Up: Urban-Guardian Deal Done, Canada Reverse Mortgages For Ages 55+

In case you missed it…here’s what happened in reverse mortgage news this week. Urban Financial finalized its acquisition of Guardian First Funding, along with its Robert Wagner campaign. Backed by Knight Capital Group (NYSE: KCG), the acquisition brings Guardian’s call center-driven retail model and rights to its Robert Wagner marketing campaign to the Urban Financial […]

AARP Video Details Reverse Mortgages, Lawsuit

A series of three video reports addressing reverse mortgage issues was released by AARP’s Inside E Street, and was posted on AARP’s website this week. The first in the series of videos is a segment titled “Loan of Last Resort: Is a Reverse Mortgage For You?” that includes two interviews with reverse mortgage borrowers: One, […]

CNN Money: Reverse Mortgages Are Expensive

The CNN Money Help Desk addressed a viewer question today which asks: What are the pros and cons of acquiring a reverse mortgage? Help Desk expert and Certified Financial Planner Doug Flynn answered the question. The pros, he says, are access to home equity while being able to stay in the home. Flynn says the […]

CNN: Introducing the HECM Saver

Through an informational video in its online coverage at, discusses reverse mortgages and introduces the HECM Saver to viewers and readers who might not be familiar with the newer product. In CNN’s “Ask the Expert” segment, Money Magazine’s Walter Updegrave covers the basics in a review of the HECM Standard, identifying pros, cons and […]