Will Granny Pods Become Foundation of Aging in Place Movement?

While seniors may be initially cautious about accepting so-called “granny pods” as a new residence, the increase in these types of senior housing products may play a crucial role in people’s ability to age in place. The intended inhabitant of the nation’s first MedCottage placement wasn’t exactly gung-ho to move in, reports The Washington Post. MedCottages, and other similar […]

Will the Nation Go Broke Paying for Senior Housing & Long-Term Care?

This article was originally published on Senior Housing News, a sister website from the team behind Reverse Mortgage Daily. Want to read more articles like this? Sign up for daily emails. Government healthcare spending is set to skyrocket, costs of long-term care are steadily rising, while at the same time, most seniors’ wallets are strained […]

Beijing Experimenting with Reverse Mortgages to Fund Nursing Home Care

Local government in Beijing, China, is planning to experiment with reverse mortgages as a way for people to finance nursing home care, although “unpredictable real estate policies” will make it difficult to popularize this model, say industry insiders in a Beijing Global Times article. Insurance companies, commercial banks and public housing management departments will be […]

Senior “Villages” Provide Untapped Reverse Market Opportunities

The United States is facing the issue of a rapidly aging population that some say it’s not prepared for in terms of housing and care. Out of this need, a grassroots organization arose to start an initiative that allows seniors to remain in their communities and age in place, a now-nationwide effort that could provide […]

Public Housing Budget Will Not Cover $25 Billion in Needed Repairs

A Department of Housing and Urban Development study estimates that approximately $25.6 billion in repairs are needed for the United States’ 1.2 million public housing units, including public senior housing units. With many of those housing units encompassing senior housing, the lack of budget for repairs could slow the movement for some seniors out of […]

Number of Senior Households to Increase 35% by 2020

The number of 65+ households is projected to increase by 35% in 2020 according to a recent Harvard University housing report. The Joint Center for Housing Studies (JCHS) says in The State of the Nation’s Housing Report that baby boomers will continue to have a huge effect on the housing market as they approach retirement age. “The […]

Seniors Opt For In-Home Care Over Moving

Some seniors are opting to stay in their homes and wait for their home equity to return, rather than moving on to senior living facilities, says a recent report from a Massachusetts newspaper. Several assisted living and senior housing facilities have recorded low occupancy levels due to the economic downturn and a trend in seniors […]

Developer Targets HECM For Purchase, Data Lacks Promise

A development planned for the southwest Chicago town of Oak Forest has big ideas for senior housing. Priory Estates, a plan of Weso Development, aims to build 110 duplex residences on 55 duplex lots, joining the ranks of Illinois’ age restricted housing communities. The community will be approved for people who are ages 55 and […]

Growth of Reverse Mortgages Seen in Active Adult Communities says Report

New housing developments may have stalled, but one area expected see additional growth in the next few years is communities targeted at Americans 55+ and older. David Crowe, chief economist for the National Association of Home Builders estimates housing starts for these communities will rise 30 percent from 2010.  While it’s still a relatively modest […]

Home or Nursing Home? NPR Special Report

National Public Radio published a great series on one of the toughest questions the country faces when it comes to a growing older population. Should people stay and receive care in their home or move into a nursing home?  The investigative report dives into a bunch of issues and they did some impressive data work […]