The RMD Podcast #14: Dan Ribler, Director at SitusAMC

The RMD Podcast dives into the issue of reverse mortgage capital markets in a conversation between RMD Editor Chris Clow and Dan Ribler, director at real estate finance technology company SitusAMC which acquired his analytics firm Baseline Reverse last year. As the initial disruption in reverse mortgage capital markets led to investor concern and the […]

The RMD Podcast #12: Steven Sless of PRMI

The RMD Podcast returns during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, and RMD Editor Chris Clow is joined by Steven Sless, reverse mortgage division manager with Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. (PRMI) and branch manager with the lender’s Steven J. Sless Group, to discuss in greater detail what challenges and opportunities reverse mortgage originators are facing in the […]

The RMD Podcast #11: Dr. Wade Pfau

The RMD Podcast is back amidst the global COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, and RMD Editor Chris Clow is joined by Dr. Wade Pfau, professor of retirement income at the American College of Financial Services and founder of, to discuss how reverse mortgages can be incorporated into a senior’s retirement plans in the wake of the […]

The RMD Podcast #10: Scott Norman of FAR

In the tenth episode of The RMD Podcast, RMD Editor Chris Clow is joined by the VP of Field Retail and Director of Government Relations at Finance of America Reverse (FAR), and co-chair of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA) Scott Norman! Known for his instrumental role in expanding the reverse mortgage business to […]

The RMD Podcast #9: Scott Gordon, CEO of Open Mortgage

In the ninth episode of The RMD Podcast, Open Mortgage CEO Scott Gordon joins RMD Editor and host Chris Clow! Initially trained as a computer programmer and engineer, Gordon sits down with Chris to discuss his path into the mortgage industry, how he identified opportunities in the reverse mortgage arena, as well as his thoughts […]

The RMD Podcast #8: Top Stories of 2019

In the eighth episode of The RMD Podcast, RMD Executive Editor and Aging Media Network Director of Content Elizabeth Ecker joins host Chris Clow to talk about the biggest reverse mortgage industry stories covered by RMD in 2019! The past year has been a very eventful one for the reverse mortgage industry, and as we […]

The RMD Podcast #7: Chris Mayer, CEO of Longbridge Financial

In the seventh episode of The RMD Podcast, we speak to the CEO of Longbridge Financial, Chris Mayer! Coming into the business from notable positions in government and in academia, Mayer shares with us how his experiences ultimately led him into a primary leadership position at a top 10 reverse mortgage lender. He also shares […]

The RMD Podcast #6: Mike Kent, President of Liberty Home Equity Solutions

In the sixth episode of The RMD Podcast, we speak to the president of Liberty Home Equity Solutions, Mike Kent! After spending a long time in the traditional, forward mortgage space, Kent’s entry into the world of reverse mortgages led him to understand the core, fundamental difference between the two businesses: the people. Whether it’s […]

The RMD Podcast #5: Martin Andelman, Reverse Mortgage Trainer and Speaker

In the fifth episode of The RMD Podcast, we speak to reverse mortgage industry speaker and HighTechLending producing branch manager and trainer Martin Andelman! Beginning his career as a writer, Andelman found an affinity for the reverse mortgage product before finding a new career path in the industry. Attendees at industry conferences have likely seen […]