The RMD Podcast #27: John Luddy, SVP of Reverse Lending at Norcom Mortgage

Reverse mortgage professionals are often confronted with a great deal of change that seems to come from all sides. Whether it’s in new regulations handed down by the federal government, new products or services introduced by lenders or the interaction that can come from an advertising campaign, change is a constant. One other change that […]

The RMD Podcast #26: Carol Dujanovich, HUD Housing Counseling Federal Advisory Committee

The reverse mortgage product is prone to a great deal of misunderstanding with the general public according to most industry observers, which has directly led to initiatives at leading industry companies that are focused on product education. However, one industry participant has a new opportunity to change reverse mortgage perceptions, this time at the government […]

The RMD Podcast #25: Jesse Allen, EVP Alternative Distribution at AAG

When aiming to take stock of the current climate in any market, a good first step is to check in with whichever entity currently stands as that market’s leader. American Advisors Group (AAG) is the number one reverse mortgage lender in the country. Its EVP of Alternative Distribution, Jesse Allen, has the responsibility of overseeing […]

The RMD Podcast #24: Robert Klein, Financial Planner and Retirement Specialist

With financial planners serving as some of the most important potential reverse mortgage referral partners, this episode of The RMD Podcast features a conversation between RMD editor Chris Clow and Robert Klein, a registered investment advisor in Newport Beach, California, and founder of the Retirement Income Center where he specializes in a multidisciplinary retirement planning […]

The RMD Podcast #23: HW Media Founder and CEO Clayton Collins

The RMD Podcast returns with a brand new episode featuring the Founder and CEO of HW Media, Clayton Collins. In this episode, Collins offers his perspective on the promise of the reverse mortgage industry, and how RMD fits into the overarching mission of HW Media and its other brands; covering the full breadth of the housing industry.

HousingWire Daily: How are reverse mortgages holding up?

This episode of HousingWire Daily features an interview with Chris Clow, the editor of HousingWire’s newest acquisition, Reverse Mortgage Daily. During the interview, Clow gives some background on his work at Reverse Mortgage Daily and his plans for the publication under HousingWire.

The RMD Podcast #19: Jonathan Scarpati, VP Wholesale Lending at Finance of America Reverse

To dive deeper into the very active reverse mortgage wholesale channel, The RMD Podcast is thrilled to welcome Finance of America Reverse’s VP of Wholesale Lending, Jonathan Scarpati! Like most of the reverse mortgage industry, wholesale lending has had to evolve and change with the new realities brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, but those […]