NestWorth Emerges With A New Reverse Mortgage Alternative Product

In Home Equity Niche Freezes, American Banker Journalist Maria Aspan writes about how shaky capital markets have hurt the growth of equity release products from EquityKey and Rex & Co.  The products, which are often sold as an alternative to reverse mortgages, allow homeowners to receive cash in exchange for a share of their home’s […]

Wall Street Journal Covers Equity Release Programs

Equity Sharing agreements are all “the rage” at the moment.  In the past few weeks almost every major news publication has covered companies like EquityKey and Rex & Co.  Although each company structures the transactions in different ways, the premise of the arrangement is the same: A homeowner agrees to give up part of a […]

Reverse Mortgage Alternative Product Expands Into New States

As jumbo reverse mortgages continue to become harder to find and less competitive, taking a look at reverse mortgage alternatives like Equity Key and the REX agreement might be a better solution for some people.  Both products offer a broker advisor type of program if you have a clients that are interested in learning more […]

Portfolio Mentions Pickup In Reverse Mortgages

Portfolio magazine included their Trouble Reverse? story in their top 5 stories email that I receive every morning.  While the title of the story hints that the article would be negative, the overall tone of the article is pretty positive. This is the first article from a big publisher whose main focus isn’t on the […]

Thanks to Our Sponsors

Just a quick post to say “thank you” to our sponsors who make Reverse Mortgage Daily possible. 1st Reverse Financial Services – 1st Reverse Financial Services offers a complete Wholesale Correspondent Lending Program, featuring a wide assortment of Reverse Mortgage Products including the Fixed4Life™ Fixed Rate HECM, the Fixed4Life™ XL JUMBO Fixed and the HECM […]

REX’s Reverse Mortgage Alternative

I wrote about Real Estate Equity Exchange, Inc. (REX) a few months ago and recently there has been a large amount of press about the product.  REX’s product offers homeowners cash for the rights to share in the proceeds of their property when it’s eventually sold.  The Real Estate Journal provides a good example of a sample transaction […]

Hedge your house alternative to reverse mortgages

Real Estate Equity Exchange, Inc. (Rex) has released a product that will give consumers up to 15% of their homes value in exchange for a cut of up to 52.5% of the capital appreciation when the property is sold.  The way it’s broken down is Rex gets 3.5% of the gains for every 1% it pays […]