Licensed for Reverse Mortgage Lead Generation?

Have you ever considered buying leads from a non-profit, consumer advocacy referral service? Consumer advocacy? Ha! These lead companies are trying to sell consumers information at the end of the day but are disguising their efforts as a service to help seniors. These services are highly suspect as to whether they are soliciting loans from […]

Are You Master Of Your Own Reverse Mortgage Domain?

Have you ever typed in Guess where it goes….keep reading if you’re too lazy to click on the link. Whomever was responsible for acquiring that domain was a genius. What’s the value of that domain? A ton of money…..sadly, not enough to re-capitalize IndyMac… When it comes to branding, a company and/or an individual […]

Expanding Your Reverse Mortgage Business

As more and more lenders enter the reverse mortgage business, companies are starting to look for new territories to increase volume and expand their business. Deciding on which areas you should target is difficult, but the guys from RM Insight recently came out with a product to help you make more informed decisions. Their new […]

Mortgage Technology Magazine Feature Article on Reverse Mortgages

Last week Mortgage Technology published an article titled Braving Uncharted Space: Reverse Mortgages, that discusses a few different companies in the reverse mortgage technology arena. In the article written by Scott Kersnar, Denver-based Mortgage Cadence proclaims itself the leading technology vendor for reverse mortgages by stating that four of the five leading reverse mortgage lenders […]

Baby Boomer TV From AARP

Looking for a new outlet to air your latest reverse mortgage commercial? You should check out AARP’s new television lineup that was recently announced. According to an article form the Baltimore Sun, the newly formed AARP TV has joined forces with the Columbia-based senior’s network, Retirement Living TV, to bring what it calls “smart programming […]

Baby Boomer Banking Trend

Interesting clip from the Today Show this morning that discusses how some banks are targeting the baby boomer market with tailored accounts.  NBC’s Jean Chatzky reported that banks like Wachovia and Suntrust have released checking accounts  to attract people 50 years and older.  According to Chatzky, the fees for these accounts are typically lower than […]

Reverse Mortgage Training with Monte Rose

I am delighted to host the March RMDaily Training Session. If you’re finding it difficult to maintain altitude in your business, I have some suggestions that will not only allow you to Survive, but Thrive. The clutter and noise in the reverse space demands a more insight driven approach to business development. This month’s training […]

Private Equity & Reverse Mortgages

Are you looking to expand your reverse mortgage business?  If you are, private equity might be a resource that you should look into.  According to PEHub in September, Emeryville, CA based Golden Gateway Financial closed $6M in Series A funding.  The first series of funding was led by Menlo Ventures, which invests in different types […]

Reverse Mortgage Training With Monte Rose

One of the new things you will see at RMD this year is a focus on providing training to our readers. We all know that training is essential in any business, so we are working with the best and brightest in the industry to help build your business! Our first session will be with Monte […]

Reverse Mortgage Radio Advertising

Recently Fidelis Mortgage signed an agreement with Radio Advantage in Dallas to have Pat Summerall record a new 60 second radio advertisement.  This got me thinking, how can a reverse mortgage company without the budget for someone like Pat Summerall advertise on the radio? Google Adwords.  Google AdWords allows anyone create and launch high-quality radio […]