Fox Business Host: Reverse Mortgage Pitches Need Refining

The reverse mortgage product is still largely misunderstood, and those who market reverse mortgages can use a dose of reality. That’s the message presented by Bob Massi, also known as Fox Business Network’s “Property Man,” who is also a practicing attorney based in Las Vegas. On his show, Massi has covered reverse mortgages on a […]

Five Reverse Mortgage Marketing Strategies for 2018

With new reverse mortgage principal limits potentially bringing a significant drop in demand among prospective borrowers, the marketplace is set to become more competitive in 2018. And as the new year approaches, lenders and independent originators may be thinking about ways to shake up marketing plans in the coming months. Earlier this year, a pair […]

5 Tips for Navigating Reverse Mortgage Marketing Online

Online platforms have taken marketing by storm, and marketing of reverse mortgage products is no exception. As baby boomers and older counterparts have flocked to the Internet for much of the content they’re consuming, lenders large and small have an opportunity to meet them there where they are reading, watching and learning. But what to […]

How Blogs Can be an Essential Reverse Mortgage Marketing Tool

For reverse mortgage professionals looking to promote their services in an increasingly digital world, blogging is a natural step. While publishing content online about HECMs can be useful in a multitude of ways—from building credibility to refuting misinformation—experienced reverse bloggers say a successful blog requires a good deal of thought and a sharp eye on […]

Should the Industry Rebrand the Reverse Mortgage? Tell RMD What You Think!

It’s an argument that has roiled the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage industry for probably its entire existence: Should the industry ditch the “reverse mortgage” name — and its associated baggage in the public imagination — for something else? As RMD reported last month, surveys have shown that consumers tend to be far more receptive to […]

Reverse Mortgages Aren’t For Everyone, But Could They Be?

Even the most tireless advocates of the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage agree that it’s a product with a specific use for a certain subset of people. That definition has expanded over time, naturally, from the early days of the reverse mortgage as a loan of last resort, to today’s big-tent approach that positions the products […]

Consumers Around the World Deeply Distrust the Financial Industry

The financial services industry ranked dead last in a recent study of global consumer trust, a report that also revealed widespread suspicions about a variety of institutions from government to the media. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, a wide-ranging survey of consumers around the world conducted by the Chicago-based Edelman public relations firm, financial […]

Even with Positive Press, Pesky Reverse Mortgage Myths Persist

If you read the trade press, you might be led to believe that the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage industry is experiencing a kind of public-relations renaissance, as popular media outlets begin to present a more balanced picture of reverse mortgages and their potential benefits for Americans aged 62 and older. It’s certainly true to an […]

Positive Press Slowly Defeating Reverse Mortgage “Echo Chamber”

Originators and other players in the reverse mortgage industry say that they’ve seen a notable shift in the way Home Equity Conversion Mortgages are covered in the general media, and public-relations monitoring data backs up those observations. The National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association uses a third-party public relations firm to track mentions of HECMs in […]