UK Reverse Mortgage Lead Provider Prepares to Enter US Market

UK based Responsible Equity Release announced it’s preparing to enter the reverse mortgage market in the United States and rolled out a “Drawdown Clock“. Developed in conjunction with “Statitician to the Stars” William M.Briggs, Professor of Statistics at Cornell University, the clock shows the number of reverse mortgages taken out over the life of the […]

Lead Provider Signs Partnership with Silver Planet

Silver Planet announced a new partnership with NewRetirement, a website dedicated to helping people concerned about retirement find the information they need to create a secure future. Founded in 2008, Silverplanet is a web site developed to empower baby boomers and seniors to age with a “choice” said a company statement. NewRetirement also serves as […]

Could Google Become the Leading Reverse Mortgage Lead Provider?

While Google already helps reverse mortgage lenders generate leads through Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, the search engine announced it was starting to test Comparison Ads. The new format allows user to compare multiple relevant offers and make ads more  useful for users.  Comparison ads also helps advertisers reach the people who are most interested […]

Reverse Mortgage Lead Provider Teams With TARGUSinfo to Verify Prospect Data

Online lead provider Reverse Mortgage Adviser announced it’s making it easier for lenders to connect with borrowers by having their online inquiries verified by TARGUSinfo, a leading provider of On-Demand InsightsSM about prospects and customers. “When homeowners visit our site, it’s typically to orient themselves with the facts and find a safe place to research […]

Security One Lending Acquires Comfortable Retirement

Security One Lending has acquired Comfortable Retirement, a consumer direct marketing firm that specializes in the senior market.  Comfortable Retirement generates leads through television advertising by educating seniors on the benefits of reverse mortgages, very ala “Robert Wagner”.   Comfortable Retirement will continue to provide reverse mortgage leads to its existing clientele, which now will include […]

Reverse Mortgage Lead Provider Merges With Medium Click

Known for its “live transfer” leads, Reverse Lead Club (RLC) has become the nations largest reverse mortgage lead provider since its merger with Medium Click said Todd Cefaratti, President of RLC. “The merger will enable us to provide more lead volume due to the high demand for quality reverse mortgage leads,” said Cefaratti.  RLC provides […]

NRMLA Ethics Advisory: Offering Financial and Insurance Products & Lead Generation

The National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association issued two new Ethics Advisories which outline the expected standards and practices in selling other financial and insurance products as well as standards for mortgage lead generation activities. The first Advisory 2009-01 “Ethical Offers of Other Financial and Insurance Products and Services”  discusses ethical practices in which members may […]

LendingTree Enhances Reverse Mortgage Lead Exchange

LendingTree recently rolled out several new lender-facing products geared towards helping LendingTree Exchange lenders be successful with consumers looking for the right loan advice and solution. "Our goal is to remain an essential and important partner to our Lender Exchange, providing them a consistent source of high-quality consumers who are ready to work with top-notch […]

The Life Of A Reverse Mortgage Lead

Last week I received a call from a senior that had requested information about reverse mortgages over a year ago.  I haven’t been originating loans in order to focus on growing RMD, so when I received the phone call it caught me a bit off guard. The gentleman had requested some basic information about reverse […]

Senior Leads Online Announces Integration with Reverse Vision

Reverse mortgage lead provider Senior Leads Online announced that its customers now have the ability to seamlessly upload reverse mortgage leads into Reverse Vision’s origination software.  The Reverse Vision integration is the latest in a series of upgrades the company has made to support data transfer into systems like Salesforce and other sales management and […]