Older Americans Fear Nursing Care, Increasingly Look to Remain at Home

Seniors may be seeking many more options when it comes to where they will live in retirement as many shy away from the institutional care model of the past, writes Investopedia.  A 2007 study commissioned by Clarity and The EAR Foundation found older Americans fear nursing homes more than they fear death, and this sentiment has been […]

Delaying Social Security Can Save Some Couples More Than $100K?

More than ever, due to today’s rate environment, it pays to delay taking social security, according to research by the Boston College Center for Retirement Research and findings of the American Enterprise Institute.  Contrary to the common thought that regardless of filing age, the same amount will be paid out during retirement, this finding actually […]

Reverse Mortgage Need to Rise With New “Normal” Retirement Age?

Contrary to what some retirement readiness studies have found, 70 is not the new 65 when it comes to the “new normal” age for retiring, and many will have to either work well into their 70s and 80s in order to have adequate retirement income, according to EBRI researchers, or possibly tap into their home equity with […]

NY Times: Millions Live on Social Security Alone, Walk a Fine Line

Living solely on Social Security is like living on the bring of poverty, writes a New York Times article this week on the “tightwire” many retirees walk when relying entirely on Social Security for income. But the reality is, most have few other options with nearly three quarters of unmarried people receiving at least half […]

Lacking Pensions, Future Retirees Will Rely Solely On Social Security

Many aging households will rely only on social security to fund their retirement as recent research shows only 42% of private sector workers receive pension coverage from their current employer, according to the Center for Retirement Research (CRR) at Boston College.  As a result, 36% of all households end up with no coverage during their work […]

AARP: Boomers’ Retirement Concerns Not Being Addressed in Presidential Race

The anxiety level experienced by the baby boom generation is high, according to a recent survey by AARP. But many of the issues of concern outweigh the issues currently taking center stage in the upcoming presidential election such as job creation and employment. Uncertainty stemming from inflation, taxes, retirement preparedness, and health care affordability are […]

New Research Finds Retirement Risks are “Truly Alarming”

While retirement preparedness has been an issue of interest for the past several years as traditional retirement income sources have changed over time, a new research  brief from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College finds that retirees may be even worse off today than previously thought, in terms of that level of preparedness. The Center […]

The Future of Reverse Mortgages: “It Will Be the Norm”

Citing past research on reverse mortgage products that has been conduced by the Boston College Center for Retirement reserach, the center finds that now, more than ever, reverse mortgages are poised to take an important place in the retirement landscape.  With the average American woefully unprepared for funding his or her retirement years, people are […]

Senior “Village” Model for Aging Shows Promise, Lacks Funding

The concept is not entirely new, but the “village” model has gained some popularity in light of new options coming to the senior housing market.  The model, which promotes aging in place by using member supports, vetted service referrals, and neighborly interactions, is a “promising” model for addressing service needs among middle-class seniors who want […]

Op-Ed: Dismissing Reverse Mortgages Will Doom Many Households

Not considering a reverse mortgage could lead to big problems for many retirees as they look to ways to supplement their income in light of dwindling, says a SmartMoney column by Alicia Munnell, who heads up the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College.  Focusing in on a recent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau study of […]