Survey: Why American Retirement is Getting Harder to Achieve

Many long-standing issues continue to play a major role in the readiness of American seniors to put their career behind them and welcome a stable and secure retirement, but recently the situation has been exacerbated by global events. Issues including COVID-19, a volatile stock market, increasing debt burdens and less prevalence of pensions will be […]

Forbes: The Difference Home Equity Can Make to Finances

A key determining factor of someone’s ability to build wealth in America is homeownership, and as retirement faces a mounting series of challenges, that ability to build wealth can factor crucially to an older individual’s retirement plans. Employing the housing asset can be an important piece of building wealth even more for people of color, […]

WaPo: How to Modify a Home to Help Seniors Age in Place

One of the strongest arguments that anyone can make about the potential assistance a reverse mortgage loan can provide to a senior is in discussing how the loan proceeds can be used to help that older person age in place. Remaining in the home has taken on an increased level of importance recently due to […]

Motley Fool: Home Equity a ‘Surprising’ Source of Retirement Income

While Americans have a multitude of potential options and avenues they can use to fund their life after completing a career, many Americans — including current seniors — often find themselves unprepared for retirement. This is why it may be necessary to seek out less traditional sources of retirement funding, and one such potential source […]

Forbes: Reverse Mortgages Can Help Seniors Pay Down Debt in Retirement

One often overlooked tactic that seniors can employ when seeking to pay down outstanding debt in retirement is the strategic use of a reverse mortgage loan, one of several options that an older American can use when examining their finances during their post-working years. This is according to contributor Bob Sullivan and editor John Schmidt […]