Medicare-sponsored Program Allows More Seniors to Age in Place

A program sponsored by Medicaid and Medicare which allows more seniors to age in place has recently expanded its presence in the state of California, keeping more seniors at home while reducing the cost of care for seniors in the state. This is according to a story appearing at Kaiser Health News (KHN). The Program […]

Survey: Women Often Carry the Burden of Caring for Aging Parents

Women primarily carry the burden for serving as primary caregivers for their aging parents, which has notable implications on their own future financial and retirement goals. This is according to a study conducted by the Nationwide Retirement Institute, and highlighted recently by Yahoo Finance. According to the results of the study, nearly two-thirds of caregivers […]

Finance Columnist Describes Reverse Mortgage Change of Heart

As the reverse mortgage industry continues to deal with issues related to its reputation among consumers and other financial professionals, a respected financing columnist has recently discussed how her former opposition to reverse mortgage products has evolved into an appreciation for them due to additional borrower protections and strategic use cases. Jane Bryant Quinn, who […]

Barron’s: Jumbo Reverse Mortgage Can Help House Rich Seniors

For seniors who own homes with a notable amount of equity, proprietary jumbo reverse mortgages can be a viable option to explore when looking for the means to pay down an existing, forward mortgage or fund retirement. This is according to an article appearing at financial news outlet Barron’s. Particularly for seniors who live in […]

USA Today: Retirement is Changing as Corporate Pensions Go ‘Extinct’

As pension plans at private companies become continuously rarer and the condition of existing corporate pension plans continues to worsen, the nature of retirement in America is being forced to go through a period of change. This is according to a story in USA Today by business trends reporter Nathan Bomey, and a report by […]

More than Half of Americans Support Adult Children, Derailing Retirement

Parents with adult children are often closely linked in terms of finances, and the depth of those connections can sometimes threaten the retirement plans of the parents. This is according to new research released by home co-investing company Unison, announced on Thursday. According to the results of a survey conducted in August 2019, 92% of […]

WSJ: The Effects of Moving Baby Boomers on Home Prices

As many American baby boomers are poised to move out of their homes by the mid-to-late 2020’s, some observers are asking what kind of effect a mass migration of older Americans will have on the housing market and in some local economies. This is according to a story published in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). […]

WSJ: Reasons Retirees Should Consider a Reverse Mortgage

Retirees should strongly consider employing a reverse mortgage loan to help fund their retirements, primarily because they can serve to protect against two major problems: falling home prices, and the increasing likelihood that a senior will outlive his or her assets. This is according to Professor Benjamin Harris, executive director of the Kellogg Public-Private Interface […]

CNBC: Reverse Mortgages an Option to Pay for Long-Term Care

The often unpredictable but increasingly likely expense that awaits people of retirement age is oriented around long-term care, and financial advisors are turning to an abundance of new strategies to help their clients pay for it. One such option according to an advisor is a reverse mortgage, who offered the idea in a new story […]