Industry Leaders: HECMs to Drive Reverse Mortgage Industry in Near-Term

The reverse mortgage industry is likely to be led by Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) business as opposed to proprietary products in the near future, owing to the value proposition and rate environment according to industry leaders at two different top ten lenders. This is according to the leaders themselves during panels at RMD’s HEQ […]

EasyKnock Adds New Alt. Equity Product, Aims to Bolster Reverse Mortgage Partnerships

Alternative equity tapping company EasyKnock announced today the addition of a new product to its suite of offerings primarily designed to answer the additional needs of homeowners afflicted by financial difficulties stemming from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, while also providing an update on its active partnerships with leading reverse mortgage lenders. The new product, called […]

What Rising Reverse Mortgage Refinances Could Mean for the Industry

Refinance transactions are commonplace in the broader world of mortgages, and they appear to be increasingly common for the reverse mortgage industry. As low interest rates continue to fuel mortgage production generally, many reverse mortgage borrowers have become interested in refinances to take advantage of the current low-rate environment. Interest in this kind of activity […]

Reverse Mortgage Lessons the U.S. Can Learn From Other Parts of the World

The concept of the reverse mortgage is active all over the world. While different countries see different levels of reverse mortgage success, analysts and researchers at institutions like the World Bank and the Brookings Institution see a greater potential for reverse mortgage products to provide solutions to increasingly cash-strapped seniors both within and beyond the […]

HEQ: RMF President on Keys to Reverse Mortgage Prosperity and Innovation

The proprietary reverse mortgage market is still in relatively early days considering the amount of time in which multiple lenders have been competing in the space. While new products are likely to emerge in 2021, it may be unlikely for proprietary products to ever overtake the FHA-backed Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) offerings. Still, proprietary […]

Fed’s New Approach to Inflation Could Benefit Reverse Mortgage Industry

The Federal Reserve will be instituting a major shift in its posture toward achieving economic stability, maximum employment and manageable inflation according to a Thursday announcement by Chairman Jerome Powell. This signals an approach that could mean the Fed will no longer raise interest rates in its efforts to keep the unemployment rate low, and […]

ReverseVision Adds New VP of Operations and Engineers to Enhance Software

San Diego-based reverse mortgage technology platform ReverseVision today announced the hiring of Justin Burns as VP of operations, along with senior software engineers Aron Weiler and Alan Gutierrez to oversee new enhancements to the company’s software offerings. Burns’ duties will include oversight of company operations, where he will be tasked with streamlining existing processes and […]

QuantumReverse Adds Document Management to Reverse Mortgage LOS

Web-based reverse mortgage origination platform QuantumReverse has added a document management feature to its offering, in an effort to respond to the growing prevalence of businesses implementing work-from-home policies while maintaining the ability to allow multiple people to work on the same loan at the same time. This is according to an interview with QuantumReverse […]

RMF Announces Launch of Private Reverse Mortgage With Line of Credit

Bloomfield, N.J.-based top-five reverse mortgage lender Reverse Mortgage Funding, LLC (RMF) announced today the launch of a new variation of its Equity Elite proprietary reverse mortgage offering with a line of credit (LOC) feature. The product, which was previously announced in July, is being rolled out in two states with additional states to be added […]