ReverseVision Adds Orozco as Director of Business Development

Reverse mortgage technology platform ReverseVision today announced the hiring of Carissa Orozco as director of business development, strategic partners where she will spearhead strategic integration partnerships that allow traditional mortgage lenders to integrate Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) and private reverse mortgages into the loan qualifying, sales and origination process. Orozco has 17 years of […]

The Street: Reverse Mortgage ‘Growing Pains’ Created Safer, Stronger Product

Although afflicted by reputational issues that often stem from negative media coverage and a lack of full understanding regarding what they are, reverse mortgages have undergone an intense stretch of maturation into a product that has been refined by consumer protections and greater understanding. It’s these attributes that make reverse mortgages a viable option for […]

Washington Post: Home Equity Access Has Become ‘Problematic’

As the economic impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic continues to intensify as time goes on, the ability for Americans to access the equity in their homes has only gotten more complicated and even problematic. This is according to housing experts and data analysis appearing this week in the Washington Post. While as many as […]

Nationwide Equities Brings EquityPower Jumbo Reverse Mortgage to New York

Nationwide Equities has announced the availability of its proprietary EquityPower reverse mortgage in the state of New York. The product was approved by the state’s Department of Financial Services this week, following Nationwide Equities’ application for approval many months ago. “Now we are the second lender in the state to offer a private reverse mortgage,” […]

Nationwide Equities Raises Loan Limits for EquityPower Jumbo Program

While some lenders active in the proprietary reverse mortgage market have recently pared down on their jumbo loan offerings, Nationwide Equities has rolled out an expansion of its EquityPower program, now with a loan limit of $6 million. Previously, the EquityPower was available for loan amounts up to $4 million, following the product’s launch in […]

Sanitized Docs and Curbside Signings: How the Reverse Mortgage Closing is Changing

Because of the federal regulations regarding reverse mortgage closings, this important component of the transaction is one that requires in-person meetings and verifications that may be made more difficult by the active social distancing and virus mitigation guidelines in effect due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. While the current situation has created a series of […]

Mortgage Professor: Reverse Mortgage Misuse Protections Have Resulted in ‘Disaster’

The various rules that the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has put into place in the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) program have been very problematic, resulting in HECM reverse mortgages serving primarily as a standalone financial product as opposed to a single component of a larger retirement plan. This is according to Jack Guttentag, aka […]