Origins: Reverse Mortgages About ‘More Than Just the Deal’

Reverse mortgage originators set themselves apart from their counterparts on the forward side largely because of the inherently more consultative nature of the business, and the fact that senior borrowers need someone who can clearly explain the complexity of the reverse mortgage product to them in ways that help them to see how it might […]

Origins: How a Modern Reverse Mortgage Trailblazer Shaped the Industry

Finding a product category that could be both served and shaped by someone’s unique experience in mortgage and corporate finance and capital markets would not be an easy thing for any professional to do, but that’s what New View Advisors partner and co-founder Joe Kelly saw with the reverse mortgage product category. Over the course […]

Origins: Using Reverse Mortgages to Do the Right Thing for Seniors

Reverse mortgage originators often find themselves in very difficult circumstances depending on the reason that clients reach out to them for help in the first place. Sometimes it’s for a more affluent person to get access to a product that can strategically help their portfolios, while other times it’s to try and make sure a […]

Origins: RMI’s John Lunde on Reverse Mortgage Education and More

Reverse mortgage lenders large and small have come to rely on the data and analysis of Reverse Market Insight over the years, since the company launched in 2007. Under the leadership of co-founder John Lunde, the company offers industry data analysis including market-level data lenders can use to help drive their business forward. What many […]

Origins: From Funeral Director to Reverse Mortgage Originator

You’ve likely seen him at industry events talking about how much he loves sales, and perhaps you’ve even been lucky enough to hand him a business card and get a $100 bill in return. Norcom Mortgage SVP of Reverse Lending John Luddy is a memorable personality to any reverse mortgage professional he comes into contact […]

Origins: Loren Riddick on Shifting from Forward into Reverse Mortgages

People in the reverse mortgage industry often hear stories about how clients or potential borrowers had their minds changed about getting a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), or something like it, after simply taking the time to learn more about it. Over the course of previous editions of RMD’s “Origins” series, where we chart the […]

Origins: Charting a Path from Teacher to Loan Originator

Transitioning into a new career that appears to have a lot of complexity can be one of the most difficult challenges anyone can face, but having a predisposition toward relating information and complex ideas to people can be a big help in making such a move. That’s what happened to Kathy Muni, senior vice president […]

Origins: Embracing Change, Controlling the Narrative of Reverse Mortgages

For a lot of reverse mortgage originators, the story of their careers often begins in the traditional, forward mortgage space before finding a new home in reverse. From there, paths can take a number of different routes concerning how an originator chooses to appeal to and connect with a base of borrowers, and how best […]

Origins: A Career Solving ‘Really, Really’ Crazy Scenarios

If you talk to any reverse mortgage originator, chances are that you’ll be told about the more educational and consultative approach that’s often required in the course of their work. Because of the way a relationship is developed between originators and borrowers in the reverse mortgage business, loan officers are often in a unique position […]