The Future of Reverse Mortgage Leads?

If anyone uses Google AdWords for reverse mortgage advertising you have a new way to turn that click into a live lead. Recently Google and Salesforce teamed up to provide small businesses a better way to capture leads on their web site. According to the article “Webbing Together” from The Economist: AdWords customers, can choose […]

Reverse Mortgage News Headlines

A few reverse mortgage headlines for the weekend: A Potential Drawback of a Reverse Mortgage (NY Times) How to Sell Equity in Your House (Portfolio) A New Way to Tap Home Equity (NY Times) Banking on home dangerous (Chicago Tribune) You’ve Worked Hard, Saved and Just Retired: How Do You Manage Your Finances Now? ([email protected]) […]

Reverse Mortgage News Headlines

A few reverse mortgage news headlines from the week: Debt gaining on many U.S. seniors (Yahoo Finance) Tough Choice: Your Retirement Lifestyle or… Your House? ( Re-fi wisdom costs many money (Chicago Tribune) Regulator hits out at reverse mortgage providers (Investor Daily) Caution Advised With More Reverse Mortgage Marketing (Realty Times) Have a great weekend, […]

Reverse Mortgage News Headlines

A few headlines for everyone before the weekend: Fitch Rates $537MM RiverView HECM Trust 2007-1 (Business Wire) BNY Mortgage and Everbank Gather Industry Leaders to Build Reverse Mortgage Business (Yahoo Finance) Subprime Fiasco Exposes Manipulation by Mortgage Brokerages (Bloomberg) The Urge to Splurge (WSJ) CircleLending Launches Innovative Reverse Mortgage Calculator (Broker Universe)  Cheers! Technorati tags: […]

Reverse Mortgage News Headlines

Below are a few reverse mortgage articles from the week: Deducting a Reverse Mortgage ( Before shifting into reverse mortgage, be sure to consider…(USA Today) 60-Second Savings: Reverse Mortgages 101 (The Summit Mortgage Announces Reverse Mortgage Division (Yahoo Finance) MLS Reverse Mortgage Now Offers Fixed Rate Reverse Mortgages (Yahoo Finance) Have a great long weekend, […]

Virgin Acquires Majority Stake in Circle Lending, Inc.

Who would have thought that Sir Richard Branson would want to get into the reverse mortgage business? Last week Virgin USA acquired a majority stake in Circle Lending, Inc. which is a peer to peer lending company. I posted an overview of their reverse mortgage type of product a while back that goes into more […]

Subprime Loan Officers Eye Reverse Mortgages

An article from Reuters talks about the possibility of former subprime loan officers moving into the reverse mortgage industry after all the subprime problems as of late. According to the article, there are between 12,000 to 15,000 loan officers that may start to look towards the reverse mortgage market for employment. At the Mortgage Bankers […]

Impac Looks Forward to Originating Reverse Mortgages

“The retail lending platform will also be a great distribution channel for other product initiatives we anticipate deploying, including FHA and reverse mortgages.” Joseph R. Tomkinson, Chairman and CEO of Impac Mortgage Holdings, Inc. On Monday Impac Mortgage Holdings, Inc. announced its plans to create a national retail franchise by purchasing certain assets compromising the […]

Reverse Mortgage News Headlines

Just a few headlines for everyone before the weekend: Big Lender Enters Reverse Mortgage Niche (WSJ) Boomers Warm to Reverse Mortgages (Investment News) When a Reverse Mortgage Makes Sense (Yahoo Finance) For Boomers, long-term planning can have extra challenges ( Aiming to retire by age 62 (Yahoo Finance) Cheers! Technorati tags: Reverse Mortgage, HECM, FHA, […]

Reverse Mortgage News Headlines

Just a few Reverse Mortgage stories from this weeks news:  Reverse Mortgages Boom While the Rest of the Industry Swoons (Realty Times) Medicaid Gets Tough (Kiplinger) Stay Afloat Financially (CNN Money) Bank of America’s Reverse Mortgage Acquisition is Well-Timed (Bank Net 360)  I hope everyone has a great weekend. Cheers! Technorati tags: Reverse Mortgage, Reverse […]