Have We Seen The Last of The HECM 100?

The past week or so has been an interesting time in the reverse mortgage world.  Early last week, out of nowhere I received an email from Sun West that said they would no longer accept any HECM 100 submissions unless it was already in the current pipeline.  Surprised?… Yes. Shocked… no.  With the liquidity crunch […]

KBC Acquires Lender Lead Solutions Parent Company

Melville-based Vertical Lend, doing business as Mortgage Warehouse on Long Island, announced Monday that it has been bought by Belgian bank KBC.  Vertical Lend also owns Lender Lead Solutions, which offers reverse mortgage leads through its Senior Lending Network.  Along with offering leads, LLS opened up a reverse mortgage wholesale operation in February of this […]

Who Is Your Favorite Reverse Mortgage Spokesman?

An article from the Philadelphia Inquirer titled On the House | Old actors’ new line: Reverse mortgages got me thinking about the reverse mortgage advertising we see on TV.  Currently Financial Freedom uses James Garner in their commercials and Lender Lead Solutions uses Robert Wagner.  I’m curious who the readers from RMD like more… James […]

Lender Lead Solutions Launches My Senior Lending Network Website

Lender Lead Solutions recently launched their My Senior Lending Network website to provide information and guidance on issues important to members of the senior community.  LLS hopes the web site will complement the company’s Senior Lending Network consumer advertising program that promotes reverse mortgages by offering additional content and sponsorship of originator partners. “My Senior […]

The Future of Reverse Mortgage Leads?

If anyone uses Google AdWords for reverse mortgage advertising you have a new way to turn that click into a live lead. Recently Google and Salesforce teamed up to provide small businesses a better way to capture leads on their web site. According to the article “Webbing Together” from The Economist: AdWords customers, can choose […]

Reverse Mortgage Article in Mortgage Banking Magazine

Mortgage Banking Magazine recently featured an article on reverse mortgages that highlights the different strategies of Financial Freedom, Sun West, Lender Lead Solutions, Wells Fargo, and Reverse Mortgage Lenders Network.  The article discusses each companies marketing focus and lead generation sources.  To read a copy of the article click the link below. Moving Forward in Reverse (Mortgage Banking Magazine) Technorati tags: […]

Lender Lead Solutions Announces Reverse Mortgage Mentoring Program

Lender Lead Solutions is  adding a reverse mentoring program that will provide in depth training to help non reverse mortgage originators generate reverse mortgage business.  The Reverse Mentoring Program consists of on-site training and on-going advisory services designed to assist traditional brokerage firms in developing reverse mortgage lending origination operations.  The program will be offered as […]

New Reverse Mortgage CRM from Lender Lead Solutions

Today, Lender Lead Solutions introduced the Specialized Technology for the Origination of Reverse Mortgages application (STORM).  STORM serves the same purpose as a customer relationship manager (CRM) but has a unique focus on the reverse mortgage market.  According to David Peskin, chief executive officer of LLS, “We have created a complete lead-to-closed loan application that automates […]

New Reverse Mortgage Pricing Options

Today, Lender Lead Solutions introduced their Flex Margin Advantage (TM) Pricing program which allows originators to customize the margin on the HECM.  The originator has the ability to change the margin in 0.25 percent increments from 1.00 percent to 2.00 percent over the one year Constant Mature Treasury (CMT).  According to David Peskin, CEO of LLS […]