Toronto Star Grapples with Reverse Mortgage Scenario

The rules regarding reverse mortgages may be different north of the border, but a recent Toronto Star piece provides a relatable look into  one woman’s decision to tap into her home equity. The newspaper examines the case of Laurie, a retired Toronto resident who’s “house rich and cash poor” with no defined benefit pension plan. […]

Taiwan Bank Unveils First Private Reverse Mortgage Program

A local bank in Taipei recently launched the first private reverse mortgage loan available in Taiwan, spurring the start of what it anticipates will be a financial product that addresses a growing demand as the nation’s population ages, reports The China Post. Last month, Taiwan Cooperative Bank unveiled its reverse mortgage program in the greater […]

Reverse Mortgages Becoming Popular Strategy for Aussie Retirees

As reverse mortgages continue to carve out their role in the U.S. retirement planning conversation, these products are growing increasingly popular for such strategies in “the land Down Under,” a recent study suggests.  The use of home equity as a resource to be considered with other retirement sources is an emerging interest among Australian financial […]

Poland Paves the Way for Reverse Mortgages With New Law

As reverse mortgages pick up steam in the United States, the financial product is also making an appearance in Central Europe. Poland will now allow reverse mortgages, as the law on the home equity loan took effect Monday. To date, the country has lacked a legal framework to allow primarily retired people to unlock the value […]

Thanksgiving Round-Up: Reverse Mortgages Get Tougher

In observation of the Thanksgiving holiday, RMD will be out of office for the remainder of the week, but will return to our normal posting schedule Monday, December 1. RMD in the meantime would like to wish all of our readers a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving. In case you missed it here’s what happened in […]

American Seniors in Worse Shape Than Those in Other Nations

The senior population in the U.S. is faring far worse than their counterparts living in other nations in terms of affording health care costs and getting the care they need, says a new international survey. In the U.S., adults age 65 and older are sicker and more likely to struggle paying medical bills and getting the […]

Cultural Roadblocks Stunt India’s Reverse Mortgage Growth

Cultural roadblocks have largely hindered the popularity of reverse mortgages and their general acceptance among the India’s population, according to an article from BusinessWorld.  There are three main reasons why reverse mortgages have not taken off yet in the country, writes guest columnist Anuj Puri, chairman and country head of Jones Lang Lasalle India. The […]

New Zealand Bank Inks $87 Million Reverse Mortgage Acquisition

A New Zealand regional lender last week finalized a deal to acquire several reverse mortgage interests in both its home nation and Australia for a purchase price of NZ$87 million. Heartland New Zealand Limited (NZX: HNZ) announced in February that its subsidiary, Heartland Bank, would be acquiring the reverse mortgage businesses of Seniors Money International […]

Australian Reverse Mortgage Market Heats Up

Reverse mortgages in Australia are becoming more available through the recent actions of two major lenders, and may be making a comeback as a result, according to a Australian Broker Online report.  Macquarie Bank announced last week it is releasing a reverse mortgage to borrowers age 70 and older, and New Zealand lender Heartland Bank […]

Singapore Takes Closer Look at Reverse Mortgages to Solve Retirement Problems

Singapore’s government is revisiting the possibility of a reverse mortgage program to help its aging population in retirement, its National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan said Monday.  According to a Today report, Khaw said before a government committee meeting that elderly Singaporeans had suggested the possibility themselves as a means to age in place as […]