Exploring Home Equity Amid Stock Market Uncertainty

The recent volatility in the stock market has brought stress and uncertainly to many retirees and investors. So far, the roller coaster ride has yet to significantly impact the reverse mortgage industry, loan originators said, but that could change if stocks continue to lose value. As companies were releasing first quarter earnings in late April, […]

Five More Tips for Acing Reverse Mortgage Originations Over the Phone

The debate between adherents of the kitchen-table approach and the call-center model will likely never have a clear victor, as both types of loan origination — for either forward or reverse — have their merits. But in a world where homeowners who can qualify for a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage are increasingly tech-savvy, developing a […]

Five Tips for Originating Reverse Mortgages Over the Phone

Reverse mortgages are unique and complex financial products, which is why many who sell these loans focus on kitchen-table originations. Meeting face-to-face is often viewed as the most effective way to connect with senior clients and guide them through the lengthy loan process. But a number of top reverse lenders operate thriving call centers where […]

FirstBank Named Reverse Mortgage Partner for National Lender Network

As an existing member of the national Mortgage Collaborative, FirstBank Mortgage has taken on a new role as the organization’s preferred partner for reverse mortgages. The collaborative, a member-based organization of more than 120 lenders, also includes a number of preferred partners that offer the consortium economies of scale and other benefits they may not […]

FirstBank Hires Bob Garczewski as Reverse Mortgage Correspondent Manager

Birmingham, Alabama-based FirstBank Reverse is building its wholesale and correspondent lending services through the hire of Bob Garczewski as reverse mortgage correspondent manager.  In his role with FirstBank, Garczerski will lead the reverse mortgage wholesale division as well as affinity partnerships, allowing him to leverage the company’s forward account executives, the company says. He will […]