Reverse Mortgage Endorsements Rise 9.9% in August

Reverse mortgage origination numbers remained low in August, but lenders still saw their second increase of the summer. The 3,197 loans generated were enough to give the industry a 9.9% overall boost, according to the most recent set of data from Reverse Market Insight. “That’s the third lowest total in the past 12 months, but […]

Retirement Planners May Need to Bring Seniors Back to Reality

A variety of financial-preparedness surveys have found intense anxiety among seniors regarding retirement, with many feeling unprepared to face their future without a steady income from work. But another study that focused on more qualitative visions of retirement shows that many financial planners might have to provide a sobering dose of reality to their clients. […]

Reverse Mortgage Endorsements Drop 15% in June, Recovery to Take Time

Reverse mortgage endorsements dipped 15.5% between May and June of this year, according to the most recent update from Reverse Market Insight — and the long-term arc of the post-October 2 recovery is following a well-worn pattern. Both Federal Housing Administration-approved lenders and their non-approved counterparts endorsed 2,833 loans in June, down from the 3,351 […]

Middle- and Lower-Income Americans May Be Falling Behind with Savings

The Bureau of Economic Analysis released updated statistics last month showing a sunnier savings outlook for Americans than previously estimated — but some commentators note that not everyone may be sharing in the success. After releasing first-quarter data showing the personal savings rate sat at 3.3%, the BEA recently amended its estimate to 7.2%, according […]

Rising Interest Rates Prompting Homeowners to Stay in Place

The Great Recession still looms large in the housing market, as homeowners who took advantage of low interest rates at the beginning of the decade are increasingly electing to stay in their properties instead of trading up. “Although homeowners have more equity today, most of them also have ultra-low-rate mortgages they locked in during the […]

Home Prices Continue Climbing Upwards as More People Stay Put

It’s almost sounding like a broken record at this point, but U.S. home prices continued their steady climb in June — and, combined with rising interest rates, the trend is prompting more and more people to stay in their homes instead of selling. Nationwide home prices rose 6.8% during the year ended June, according to […]

Income Inequality Could Disrupt Retirement Savings for Generations

Over the past decades, the gap between high- and low-income Americans has grown substantially, and should those trends continue, a large swath of future seniors could face a bleak retirement future. Working for the Urban Institute, a trio of researchers set out to examine the long-term effects of the income gap on the future of […]

One in Three U.S. Households Will be 65+ By 2035

The statistics about the waves of baby boomers turning 65 each day are old news to anyone who works in a senior-focused industry. But a new report from Harvard University adds a new twist to measuring the coming wave of American seniors: In 2035, households with members aged 65 and older will account for a […]

Home Prices Shoot Up 6.9% in April, Raising Concerns About Overheating

Home prices in the United States rose yet again last month, continuing a steady march that has some raising concerns about overheated housing markets in certain areas. CoreLogic’s Home Price Index rose by 6.9% between April 2017 and April 2018, the real estate analytics firm reported Tuesday, with a 1.2% month-over-month gain from March. As […]