Consumer Affairs: Reverse Mortgages May Not Be Right for Everyone

Reverse mortgages may be making a strong appearance in mainstream media and among financial planning conversations, but despite the recent reputation revival, a reverse mortgage is still not right for every older homeowner, Consumer Affairs reports.  For potential borrowers, knowing all the facts about what a reverse mortgage really is as well as in-depth personal […]

Friday Round-Up: Ocwen Gets Sued, Reverse Mortgage Research

In recent reverse mortgage news, researchers revealed there’s no reason older Americans should be avoiding reverse mortgages, and a multi-state mortgage servicer was slapped with a lawsuit. The media also continued to shed a positive light on reverse mortgages this week. As a wrap up to your week, here’s a recap of the most-read RMD […]

Top 10 States Seniors Should Consider for Retirement

When it comes to finding seniors who may benefit from a reverse mortgage, the states that are ranked the best place to retire could be a good place to start. Seniors want to age in place, but they also want to be in a safe and affordable area, as well as place that is close […]

NerdWallet: Using Reverse Mortgages to Fund Long-Term Care

Longevity in America is at an all-time high, which means many people will be living for much longer after they retire. But this also means they will need to have more money to pay for things like long-term care. There are numerous ways people can pay for health care in their later years, but one […]

Nonprofit Group Launches Pilot Program to Help Reverse Mortgage Borrowers

Though the default rate on reverse mortgages has been decreasing in recent years, there are still borrowers who are struggling and teetering on the edge of going into default. A nonprofit organization that blossomed during the height of the housing crisis is now adding the reverse mortgage sector to its docket to help combat the […]

Harvard: Reverse Mortgages Offer Realistic Solution to U.S. Aging in Place Crisis

With the incoming influx of baby boomers entering retirement age, the number of older homeowners will soar in the near future. While many will prefer to age in place, certain challenges will prevent these desires from becoming reality. But here is where a reverse mortgage can be a financially realistic option to help older homeowners alleviate […]