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Reverse MortgageTraining

Reverse Mortgage Training Reminder

MRBlogbanA quick reminder that Reverse Mortgage Daily and Monte Rose are presenting another free training session on May 7, 2008 at 12PM (EST).

“Unlocking the Mature Market’s “secret code” for sales and marketing effectiveness.”

Learn and apply cutting-edge market segmentation research in both “Business to Business” and Direct to Consumer” customer groups on May 7, 2008 at 12PM (EST).

  • I will share the look and smell of the 4 senior segments, and prep salespersons on how to anticipate the buying motivations, concerns, and “watering holes” for each segment. 
  • I will unpack the 4 B to B segments as well, and show them how to properly match up with a referring fit. 
  • Lastly,  I will give the attendees an “Insight Matrix” for both D/C and B/B customer groups.  This worksheet will give them a guide from which they can plan their penetration strategy.

Be sure to sign up quick, only a few spots left! Must be signed up by May 6th at 5pm PST.

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