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Reverse Mortgage Industry Has Lifetime Chance, Not All Leads Equal


Reverse Fortunes Weekly Podcast Episode #221

When the CFPB published its report earlier this year on the “confusing” nature of reverse mortgages experienced by consumers, they neglected to include input from borrowers and lenders, but soon after opened up a public comment period that continues until Aug. 31. Reverse Fortunes’ latest podcast takes a look at the tone of the 30 comments already submitted and how those comments could be used by the CFPB.

Reverse Fortunes’ Shannon Hicks also talks about CFPB’s newly proposed rule regarding loan origination and loan officer compensation. Additionally, looks at information gathered by Leads 360 that analyzes which mortgage leads are most likely to convert to closed loans, and talks about the public health implications of elder financial abuse.

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Talking Points:

  • Missing Out on a lifetime chance? (CFPB comments)
  • Abuse Epidemic (senior financial abuse)
  • Not all leads are created equal
  • The elephant in seniors room

Listen now. “Reverse Fortunes is the ultimate resource for reverse mortgage professionals providing the technology, training and marketing to grow your business. We are your one-stop resource for those committed to taking their business to the next level.” Editors Note: These posts are sponsored by Reverse Fortunes.

Written by Erin Hegarty

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