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Reverse Focus Updates Wholesale, Referral Partner Features on Sales Engine CRM

Reverse Focus this week announced several new updates to the referral partner and wholesale modules within the Sales Engine customer relationship management (CRM) system. 

The B2B Partner module allows users to create a two-way connection between referred lead records in Sales Engine and a referring company or professional. 

“This allows originators to track the effectiveness of their external referral relationships and direct their efforts toward profitable relationships for increased sales,” said Reverse Focus President Shannon Hicks in a press release. 

The Referral Partner module also allows Sales Engine users to create automations that allow for simple notifications or complex HTML emails and workflows. 

By using the updated module, users can assign campaigns to their partners so they can track which actions produce the best return on gathering those partners and turning them into referring partners. 

“Ultimately what matters is that we are converting our referral relationships into active referring partners that are sending us qualified candidates for the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage,” said Reverse Focus CEO Eric Hiatt. “Being able to track your actions and do more of what is effective and less of what is ineffective is a key component to growing your business.”

For wholesale lenders seeking to recruit brokers, the updated Wholesale Module (SE Wholesale) enables them to track common milestones and requirements of on-boarding these professionals. The module also allows the Account Executive to manage these relationships and follow-up on multiple opportunities in a systematic approach. 

SE Wholesale allows Sales Engine users to document all communications, manage statuses, send emails, set reminders and appointments, track key analysis points and manage multiple contacts within the organization.

“SE Wholesale allows companies to have insight into the on-boarding process and ensure thorough and consistent on-boarding processes over time,” Hiatt said. “This is very important in this day and age of operational accountability.”

As of this writing, Sales Engine is being used by over 140 lenders or brokers across the U.S., according to Reverse Focus. 

Written by Jason Oliva