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Reverse Focus Improves Web Services Features on Sales Engine CRM

Reverse Focus, Inc., today announced recent improvements to the web services features in Sales Engine, a customer relationship management (CRM) system exclusively tailored for the reverse mortgage industry.

Sales Engine web services connect a user’s account with outside vendors such as online reverse mortgage lead deliveries and online consumer forms.

“We can and have connected to nearly every major online lead provider in the marketplace today,” said Reverse Focus President Shannon Hicks. “This allows instantaneous lead delivery for improved speed to contact which is crucial in our highly-competitive marketplace.”

In addition to the new web services features, Reverse Focus also expanded their integrated web form offerings, which work in their RF consumer website templates or existing privately-hosted websites.

Completed forms are delivered as new lead records in Sales Engine. Users can add a web form by simply copying a short snippet of code from the Sales Engine system.

There are now three web form options for users to choose from: advanced, simple and minimal. At the minimal level, this web form only asks for the web user’s first name, last name and email address to increase lead capture conversions.

“SE’s Web Services allow integration via multiple industry standard protocols, including REST and SOAP,” said Reverse Focus Chief Technology Officer Mark Lockett. “SE’s development team offers 1-on-1 support to ensure your lead injection workflows get up and running smoothly.”

The new web service features and expanded web forms are the latests updates to Sales Engine.

Earlier this month, Reverse Focus added several new sales workflow automations to the system. These updates aim to ensure consistent communication and follow-up with prospective borrowers, while allowing originators to better focus on marketing and nurturing their loan pipeline.

“Web service connectivity are integral to any true CRM in the reverse mortgage marketplace today,” Hicks said.

As of this writing, Sales Engine is currently being used by over 140 lenders or brokers across the U.S.

Written by Jason Oliva