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National Association of Realtors Blog Features Reverse Mortgages

image The National Association of Realtors posted a feature about reverse mortgages on its Let’s Talk Blog yesterday.  They linked to one of its members posts and while I’m glad to see they’re promoting reverse mortgages, it didn’t mention anything about the HECM for purchase.

I know there is interest because when I spoke at a real estate conference here in Chicago, a handful of realtors asked me about the partnership between Financial Freedom and NAR.  They were excited to learn more about reverse mortgages since they had their Seniors Real Estate Specialist designation.  Has anyone been working with Realtors to educate them about the HECM for purchase? 

I tried to leave a comment on NAR’s blog about the HECM for purchase but they don’t allow them.   Note to NAR, if you’re going to name your official blog the “Let’s Talk Blog”, you should probably allow comments to be posted.

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