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LTC Expert Expanding Social Media Services to Reverse Mortgage Industry

image LTC Expert Publication’s announced that it’s expanding LTC Social Mark 2.0 program to other industries after seeing how successful it was for senior service providers.  The program helps companies get involved in the basics of social media marketing.

Originally developed for the busy elder care, home care, or senior service provider business owner in February 2009, LTCSocialMark2.0 has crossed over into other niches and businesses.  Clients can participate as much or as little as they want, and it still works remarkably well says Valerie Van Booven, CEO of LTC Social Mark. 

Valerie adds, "Right now we find that some people are very ‘hands-off’, and want us to take care of everything, and others are very involved- learning how to post on their blogs, learning how to use Facebook to their advantage and Twitter too!"

LTCSocialMark2.0 program sets up 11 accounts including: a business blog, Facebook personal, Facebook business, twitter, FriendFeed, Squidoo, Hubpages, Linkedin, Scribd, Ezinearticles, and Ideamarketers.  The bonuses include a mini-webpage to draw leads, a customized ebook, a short customized video, and a free report (pdf).  You can see an example of a blog they created for a reverse mortgage professional here.

To learn more about how LTC Social Mark can help your business check out the link below.

LTC Social Mark

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