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Landmark, Bay Docs Consolidate Appraisal-Loan Origination Efforts

Loan originators and lenders using Landmark appraisal services will now be able to integrate the use of Bay Docs reverse mortgage software into a single process. 

Landmark Network, Inc. has announced completion of a software integration with the document prep company, Landmark said in a statement released last week. 

The companies have fused together Landmark’s Landscape™ software and Bay Docs’ Reverse Express™ system in an effort to combine appraisal management and loan origination in what the companies intend will become a one-stop-shop. 

“One of our long term growth strategies for the company is through integrations such as this; allowing us access to new clients and allowing them to try our services and experience the difference of working with Landmark Network,” said CEO, Erik Richard. 

The integration allows users of the Reverse Express™ system the ability to choose Landmark as an appraisal vendor with ease of access transferring information between loan files into appraisal order and submit forms. Users can also track orders through two-way messaging between the systems, send emails and request updates directly from Landmark staff. 

“We want our clients to be able to get all their tasks done directly from our system without having to launch other programs and then piece the information together. This integration speeds up the user’s process,” said Megen Lawler, CEO of Bay Docs, Inc.

Written by Jason Oliva