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Bankrate.com: Can Reverse Mortgages Replace Pensions?

Retirement income has long been characterized as having three legs: Social Security, personal savings and a pension. But now that pensions have become phased out by many employers over the years, it is possible that reverse mortgages may assume this vanishing leg of the retirement stool, suggests a recent Bankrate.com article.

Since employers have moved away from offering defined benefit pension plans, instead now offering defined contribution plans, where employees contribute from their own salaries, the traditional three-legged retirement stool is in danger of losing a much-needed support.

“Maybe not when seniors decide to tap the equity in their home with a reverse mortgage,” writes Bankrate.com contributor Dr. Don Taylor. “They aren’t for everyone, but it’s my expectation that they will become increasingly important as a source of retirement income to seniors over time. Reverse mortgages may become the 3rd leg of the stool.”

Because reverse mortgages may not be a good fit for everyone’s individual retirement plan, retirees must also consider a variety of important factors, including how long they can postpone Social Security draws, and how their personal savings can bolster, if not complement, the other leg’s of the retirement stool.

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Written by Jason Oliva