The RMD Podcast #20: Steven Sless and Christina Harmes Hika of PRMI

In our first group interview ever featured on The RMD Podcast, we sit down with Steven Sless and Christina Harmes Hika of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. to talk about the recent news of the company’s expansion to San Diego!

With an eye toward becoming a top 10 lender in the reverse mortgage space, PRMI’s Steven J. Sless Group has hired Harmes Hika in its effort to build out a physical west coast presence. But both professionals can also speak from experience about what it’s like to transition to other companies, and in addition to discussing their exciting business plans they also share with our audience some of the lessons they’ve learned in making those kinds of transitions.

Listen to this episode of The RMD Podcast to learn:

  • What made the time right for PRMI to expand westward
  • How that presence will help serve PRMI and the Sless Group’s larger industry goals
  • What reverse mortgage professionals should keep in mind when changing companies
  • How to leverage personal branding when changing companies
  • And more!

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