The RMD Podcast #16: Harlan Accola, Reverse Mortgage Director at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.

The RMD Podcast is back with Harlan Accola, Reverse Mortgage Director at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. In a wide-ranging discussion, Harlan details for RMD Editor Chris Clow the path he took to arrive in the reverse mortgage industry, the work that still needs to be done to increase the comprehension and market penetration of reverse mortgages and efforts Fairway has undertaken to expand the American retirement landscape.

The episode also includes a discussion about how Fairway is trying to forge partnerships to expand the reach of the product category, and how the pandemic could be a pivotal turning point for the industry going forward.

Listen to this episode of The RMD Podcast to learn:

  • The approach that Fairway is taking for reverse mortgage business by using the extensive forward and reverse infrastructure at the organization
  • The most pivotal changes that the industry has made — and should still make
  • The test that the pandemic is proving to be for the resiliency and capacity of the reverse mortgage industry to meet seniors’ needs
  • And more!

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