The RMD Podcast #14: Dan Ribler, Director at SitusAMC

The RMD Podcast dives into the issue of reverse mortgage capital markets in a conversation between RMD Editor Chris Clow and Dan Ribler, director at real estate finance technology company SitusAMC which acquired his analytics firm Baseline Reverse last year. As the initial disruption in reverse mortgage capital markets led to investor concern and the pausing of two major proprietary reverse mortgage products, Dan helps explore what has taken place in the markets throughout the pandemic’s economic impacts.

The episode also includes a discussion about the ways that the reverse mortgage market has handled the pandemic’s economic shock, whether or not the immediate concern shared by investors was justified, and how the current situation could better position the reverse mortgage industry to weather future instances of economic pressure.

Listen to this episode of The RMD Podcast to learn:

  • How far the scale of the pandemic’s economic impacts reach into the reverse mortgage capital markets
  • How proprietary product activity fits into the larger construct of reverse mortgage capital markets
  • A deeper look at some of the early reactions that investors had to the pandemic
  • And more!

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