RMD Launches Virtual Demo Day to Connect Home Equity Access to Tech Solutions

The impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has led many professionals within the reverse mortgage industry to seek out technology-based solutions to keep business going during today’s social distancing measures.

Reverse Mortgage Daily (RMD) is hosting its first-ever Demo Day on the heels of the inaugural HEQ digital conference on Sept. 3. In this free digital event, attendees will participate in a virtual showcase of the latest software solutions for the reverse mortgage industry.

For an inside look at Virtual Demo Day, RMD recently caught up with Aging Media Network Director of Content and RMD Executive Editor Elizabeth Ecker to dive deeper into what Demo Day will aim to provide to the industry.


RMD: Why is RMD launching Virtual Demo Day?

Ecker: Many organizations, including RMD, are taking their events virtual this year due to restrictions around large group gatherings across the country. In the absence of conventions and face-to-face opportunities for companies to meet with prospects and existing customers, we launched Demo Day so that they can communicate with that same target audience in a virtual format.

When it comes to planning this event, what makes now the right time to introduce Demo Day to the RMD audience?

A lot of companies in the space have rolled out new programs and offerings this year, and this platform will allow them to communicate those updates, or perform demos for the first time, for prospects and customers. The timing on September 3 hits on a good point in the year to demo any updates that companies have rolled out this year, or preview what’s coming in 2021.

Demo Day is taking place very close to the HEQ conference. What’s the advantage of having Demo Day take place so close to HEQ?

We’ve taken the HEQ conference (originally planned as an in-person event in Chicago) to a virtual format on September 1 and 2, with Demo Day immediately following on September 3. Think of the HEQ portion as being heavy on the content and industry dialogue, while Demo Day is a chance for people to zoom in on some of the products and services available from lenders and service providers.

By having HEQ and Demo Day back to back, we are marketing the event as one and all attendees of HEQ will automatically be registered for Demo Day. If people just want to attend Demo Day, they can sign up for it independent of HEQ and it’s totally free to attend.

How long are the Demo Day demos? What kinds of services do they offer the reverse mortgage industry?

There are six available demo slots where service providers can demo their platforms. Each demo is 20 minutes, allowing attendees to get a sense of the service. They can request a longer demo if they would like to follow up. The demos will run from 11 am Central time through 2 pm on September 3; all demos will be available to registrants for 30 days following Demo Day.

If I have a software solution that would be relevant to showcase at RMD’s Demo Day and want to participate or learn more about it, what should I do next?

Contact Liz Ecker at [email protected].

To register for Demo Day, click here or visit https://heq.reversemortgagedaily.com/

For more information on participating in a future Demo Day, please email Elizabeth Ecker at [email protected]

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