The RMD Podcast #7: Chris Mayer, CEO of Longbridge Financial

In the seventh episode of The RMD Podcast, we speak to the CEO of Longbridge Financial, Chris Mayer!

Coming into the business from notable positions in government and in academia, Mayer shares with us how his experiences ultimately led him into a primary leadership position at a top 10 reverse mortgage lender. He also shares his thoughts on some of the unexpected things he’s had to do as an industry leader, and his perspectives on the future of the proprietary reverse mortgage market.

Listen to this episode of The RMD Podcast to learn:

  • How Mayer’s first research paper on the topic of reverse mortgages managed to stick with him.
  • The philosophy behind the introduction of Longbridge’s new Platinum LOC product.
  • Potential lessons that American reverse mortgage lenders might be able to take from other countries.
  • The work that remains to be done in communicating reverse mortgage benefits to seniors.

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