QuantumReverse Software Platform Announces New Hires

After announcing its launch in February, new reverse mortgage loan origination software provider QuantumReverse is building a team of professionals to support its platform.

The company, started by ReverseVision founder Thomas Martignoni, is under way on development of a loan origination software platform with a scheduled release of early 2019. This week, leadership announced four new hires: Alesya Shashko, who will join QuantumReverse as a software developer and brings experience working for Calyx Software and ReverseVision; Fresco Ellis, who most recently was responsible for customer success at ReverseVision and also brings experience working for Generation Mortgage and One Reverse Mortgage; Rodrigo Carrasco Alvarado, who formerly worked for ReverseVision as a technical support specialist and later as senior support analyst; and Yuliy Krasnyanskiy who worked as a help-desk specialist and later as support lead for ReverseVision, and later as senior developer for the Federal Savings Bank.

The team brings experience working on various software platforms, including reverse mortgage origination software, and aims to advance the technology landscape for Home Equity Conversion Mortgages.


“At QuantumReverse we love to work with new technologies,” Martignoni said in a press release. “They provide better safety and security and can make people and organizations more efficient—often in unexpected ways…But new technologies need guidance. Alesya, Fresco, Rodrigo and Yuliy bring complementary experiences to drive the development into the right direction.”

QuantumReverse is based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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  • In the midst of diminishing HECM demand, will the new vendor force the existing vendor to improve its product or will it simply mean that both will be more mediocre due to the expected lower revenue to ReverseVision. I strongly believe it is the latter.

    • No_Drama,

      I get that you can’t wait but please explain what you mean by “competition spawn’s excellence.”

      My concern is that insufficient demand will drive down quality.

      • George,

        I think No_Drama meant to say “competition spawns excellence” without any apostrophe.

        But what I think you are saying is that the town is not big enough for both of them, either revenue wise or excellence wise.

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