AAG-Owned Reverse Review Magazine Ceases Publication

The Reverse Review, a reverse mortgage trade magazine most recently owned by lender American Advisors Group, has ceased publication, its editor-in-chief announced Monday.

The Orange, Calif.-based AAG “has opted to sunset the publication in order to focus on new endeavors,” according to a Reverse Review release.

“Over the years, we have witnessed the loan evolve from a little-known financial product to a rising retirement planning tool,” editor-in-chief Jessica Guerin — a frequent guest contributor to Reverse Mortgage Daily — said in a statement.


“Its potential uses are frequently discussed in the mainstream media, and publications like Reverse Mortgage Daily and Reverse Mortgage Magazine do a stellar job covering the industry perspective. With so much fantastic coverage of this important product, we feel that our work here is complete,” she said.

The news comes about six months after the magazine released its final print edition; at the time, Guerin said The Reverse Review would be re-imagined as an information source for referral partners such as builders, real estate agents, and financial planners.

AAG, which purchased the magazine in 2011, echoed Guerin’s sentiments regarding news coverage of the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage marketplace.

“We made the decision to sunset The Reverse Review because there’s ample coverage of the reverse mortgage industry between RMD and others,” an AAG spokesperson told RMD in an e-mail. “Reverse Publishing, the AAG-owned publishing company, will go dormant while we review our options going forward.”

The closure marks the end of an eight-year run for the magazine, which was launched in 2008 by AppraiserLoft CEO Aman Makkar. AAG CEO Reza Jahangiri bought a majority stake in the publication that same year, in conjunction with Landmark Network CEO Erik Richard.

The Reverse Review’s archives will remain available on its website.

Written by Alex Spanko

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  • I’ve always appreciated that magazine … I didn’t know AAG owned it. Looks like they’re re-directing their resources to originating Forward Mortgages, and Real Estate services, instead. Our industry is changing rapidly.

  • This publication, in my opinion, was the best in the industry. A real magazine, something you could touch, it had great artwork, very relevant topics and it gave many industry leaders a forum to “write a story.”
    Huge kudos and thanks to Jessica Guerin and her staff for continually producing a high quality product!
    You leave us knowing you were a very positive force in a very misunderstood, and very often, ever changing environment.
    Although this is a terrible way for you to start a new year, may you all land on your feet and have a very prosperous 2018!!!
    And, this is a definite sign of our times here in the reverse mortgage world….

  • I hated to see AAG disband “The Reverse Review magazine”. I know Jessica Guerin put her heart into making the magazine a better publication and she did a good job doing it as well!

    I enjoyed receiving the magazine and writing articles for them as I do for The Reverse Mortgage Daily.

    Sorry to see you and the Reverse Review go Jessica!

    John A. Smaldone

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