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NY Times Delves into Appeal of Tom Selleck as Celebrity Spokesman

Exploring the appeal of celebrity spokesmen, a New York Times article this week delved into the topic of reverse mortgages being represented by Tom Selleck and the late Sen. Fred Thompson, among others. 

“Actors and singers of a certain age tend to be the ones who make the grade, and there seems to be a certain sameness to the products they pitch,” the Times writes citing examples of Blythe Danner and Sally Field serving as spokeswomen for health care products marketed to older women, and listing reverse mortgage spokesmen of past and present Tom Selleck, Fred Thompson, Henry Winkler and Robert Wagner. 

The publication interviews AAG founder Reza Jahangiri in the article, who was recently profiled in Forbes, to learn about AAG’s motivation behind employing Sen. Thompson and more recently, Tom Selleck, in its advertising campaigns. 

“An understanding of the retiree mind-set is critical in choosing a spokesperson…” Jahangiri tells the Times. “It takes more to get their attention,, especially when we’re asking them to think about something like home equity in a different way. There’s a lot of second-guessing of, ‘Can I trust this product?’ and sometimes they need that little extra bit of assurance that it’s O.K.”

The article, titled “Would you Trust Tom Selleck with Your Life Savings?” also includes perspective from a brand expert and a gerontologist on the appeal of celebrity advertising among the older population, including the need for a “life raft” in some cases, and being relatable to actors who are of a similar age.  

Tom Selleck began appearing in AAG commercials in 2016. 

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Written by Elizabeth Ecker