RMD Poll: Should the Industry Ditch the “Reverse Mortgage” Name?

This week, RMD set out to answer a simple question: Should the reverse mortgage industry abandon the product’s name and replace it with a moniker that hasn’t been dragged through the mud in the court of public opinion? Or does the name work as it is, especially given an increase in positive and neutral coverage of the industry?

Our poll has been open for just about a day, and we’ve already gotten an overwhelming response from folks who either selected one of the options, or submitted name suggestions of their own. But if you haven’t yet cast your ballot, there’s still time! RMD will keep the vote active until 1 p.m. CDT on Friday, when we’ll close the poll and analyze the results for a full story on Monday.

In the spirit of making this a fair — if not exactly scientific — survey process, we’re staying mum on the early returns, but suffice it to say this simple question has generated a lot of passion from multiple angles, just as we hoped. And as always, if you find the suggestion box too stifling in its character limit, please feel to drop me a note to express your thoughts on the future of Home Equity Conversion Mortgage marketing and branding.


Thanks to all who have partipcated already, or who plan to cast a vote before 1 p.m. CDT on Friday!

Written by Alex Spanko

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