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Sure, you could spend hours posting your reverse mortgage job on the kaleidoscope of personnel websites out there — or you could just list your position on RMD’s job board, where it’s guaranteed to get in front of more than 7,000 industry professionals every week. Today, we’re highlighting three new positions from HighTechLending in Irvine, Calif.

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  • I read Amboy’s employment description, and it says;

    “The incumbent specifically explains how Amboy’s proprietary reverse mortgage relates to their needs”

    I thought only FAR and AAG have proprietary programs … maybe you can do an article on their offering, Alex? I’ve never heard of it before.

    • It’s retail only and restricted to properties in NJ. They offer surprisingly good terms for the borrower, considering the risk to them and that FHA isn’t in the picture. They take condos that aren’t FHA approved, so it’s a good option for those folks.

      • Matt,

        What else can you tell us? Maximum value of home they will take under this program? It looks like the borrower in this case is 79 while the HECM margin is 2.75%.

        This looks something like a Home Keeper. Can you provide more information?

        Do they do coops? What other property types do they take which HECMs will not? What about differences in financial assessment?

      • I don’t have all those details. I was speaking with a condo owner in NJ who was in a complex that was not FHA-approved. He found out about Amboy on his own and told me about them, so I fired off an email to them to see if they do wholesale. He then called me a few months after he closed to share his experience and terms.

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