Landmark Network Chief Appraiser Named National Association of Appraisers President

Industry association the National Association of Appraisers has named Landmark Network’s Chief Appraiser John Dingeman as the association’s new president. Previously, Dingeman has served as Director at the NAA in 2014. 

He has served as Chief Appraiser for Landmark since he was named to the role in March 2016 while holding the role of Vice President for the NAA. 

“I am humbled and honored to have been asked to serve the National Association of Appraisers (NAA) membership as President of the organization,” Dingeman said in a press release. “I hope to continue the NAA’s current growth trend as one of the fastest-growing and affordable organizations for residential and personal property appraisers, and assist in unifying the boots-on-the-ground appraisers who endure continued potential fracturing of our profession. We may not reach all of our objectives in one day, and building relationships and persuading others to see the same issue from another perspective takes time. However, with that in mind, we can achieve most anything.”


Dingeman has served in various leadership roles for appraisal organizations including having served as president of the Coalition of Arizona Appraisers. He brings industry knowledge including compliance expertise to his role at Landmark Network. 

“We are extremely enthused to have someone with such extensive appraisal experience in a position of leadership in both organizations,” said Erik Richard, Landmark Network CEO. “He can enable our appraisers in their daily tasks and simultaneously be able to marry compliance requirements with individual client requests and requirements. He has the unique capacity to maintain the appraiser’s perspective and the AMC’s perspective at the same time, and we look forward to his ability to advocate that balance for NAA as well.”

Landmark network, based in Van Nuys, Calif. is an Appraisal Management Company and is a leading provider of reverse mortgage appraisal services among its service offerings. 

Written by Elizabeth Ecker