March Reverse Mortgage Volume Stayed Flat, But These Lenders Bucked the Trend

As a whole, HECM endorsement volume for March was mostly flat. However, there were several lenders who saw significant growth during the month.

Since February, retail saw an increase of .9% and wholesale saw a decrease of 3.9%, according to a recent data release from Reverse Market Insight. The total endorsement growth for both retail and wholesale was at -1.1% and comprised of 4,526 units in March.

The top retail lender by unit growth for the trailing 12 months ending in March 2016 was Reverse Mortgage Funding, which had a unit growth of 1,024 HECMs.


Synergy One Lending ranked second in terms of retail unit growth over the last 12-month period through March 2016, with 849 HECM endorsements. In total, Synergy One added 1,286 units in the 12 months trailing March, of which 437 were wholesale units. Year-to-date, the company ranked seventh overall with 330 total units through March.

Live Well Financial also had a productive 12-month period, adding 615 retail units and 591 wholesale units to rank third among the top-five lenders in terms of unit growth. Live Well, which ranked eighth in terms of year-to-date volume, reported 294 HECM endorsements through March.

Rounding out the remaining top-five lenders for retail unit growth were Nationwide Equities, which reported the addition of 452 units, and Dyjero Corporation, which added 288 retail units.

On the wholesale side, Finance of America Reverse (FAR) topped the ranks with a unit growth of 992 HECMs endorsed in the last 12 months. With the addition of its retail production of 138 units, FAR reported a 12-month tally of 1,130 total endorsements.

Liberty Home Equity Solutions ranked second on the wholesale side in terms of unit growth, having added 608 units, bringing its trailing 12-month tally to 720 endorsements. The company also reported 112 retail units during this period.

Lastly, Home Point Financial Corporation added 300 wholesale units, achieving the fifth-ranked spot among the top-five lenders for wholesale growth in the 12 months trailing March.

See where other industry lenders ranked for both retail and wholesale production.

Written by Alana Stramowski

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  • Endorsement volume for March 2016 was not flat. There was a drop that will soon be the start of a trend of further erosion in HECM volume. As gun background checks go up to ever higher levels, HECM endorsements have headed on an overall downward trend.

    Yes, we have history of seeing the endorsement pie shrink yet with some lenders seeing endorsement growth in those months. This is not new.

    While the vast majority of HECMs that will be endorsed in this fiscal year will have received their case number assignment by June 1, 2016, we will not see monthly totals for April or May for about 35 (April) and 66 (May) days. Case number assignment numbers for March 2016 should be posted by HUD before next week is out. When the case number assignment information for these three months are released, we should have a very good idea how large the endorsement volume will be for this fiscal year.

    Looking at the case number assignment and endorsement information for last fiscal year and comparing to where it is expected we will be, we should be prepared for negative endorsement volume results.

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