Yale Seeks Reverse Mortgage Borrowers for New Study on Well-Being

Yale University’s School of Public Health is currently looking for senior homeowners who can share their reverse mortgage experiences, as researchers plan to conduct a new study on “Homeownership, Reverse Mortgages and Well-Being.”

The school recently placed an advertisement via Craigslist for the Boston/Cambridge/Brookline area, soliciting any interested seniors age 62 and older to come forth and discuss their personal run-ins with reverse mortgages.

“We are looking for older homeowners (age 62+) to tell us about their experiences, aspirations and expectations related to reverse mortgage loans,” states the Craigslist ad.


Researchers plan to collect information from study participants through a 1-2 hour confidential interview. To be eligible to participate, researchers require seniors to be at least 62-years-old; own their home; resident in the Boston area; as well as have a reverse mortgage, applied for a reverse mortgage, or are in the process of applying for one.

The Craigslist ad concludes with a solicitation inviting any interested parties to respond to the posting if they, or someone they know, is willing to participate.

Recent research from the academic sector has examined the motivations driving seniors to obtain reverse mortgages, while other studies have explored the factors preventing prospective borrowers from following through with the loans.

It is unknown just what exactly Yale researchers plan to achieve through this new study, as a spokesman from the School of Public Health declined to comment this early in the research process.

Written by Jason Oliva

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  • Depending on those who volunteer (hardly an unbiased way of selection of a sample of HECM borrowers), the study will supply a positive or negative view on HECMs. Why Yale is using such a poor means of gathering data is hard to say especially since those who believed to have been harmed are the most likely to respond to such a call for opinions.

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