Reverse Mortgage Lenders Seek Star Talent — Apply Today

The reverse mortgage industry continues to evolve, especially with the recent implementation of the Financial Assessment. As the industry enters a new era, reverse mortgage leaders are seeking top talent to join their team and contribute to their company’s success.

Companies like Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC and Yadkin Bank are just a few lenders offering positions for wholesale account executives, reverse mortgage loan officers—and more.

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Written by Cassandra Dowell

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  • The desire of lenders has never changed. The imperative today has a slightly different twist to invade the other guy’s territory while protecting one’s own.

    The twist is due to the fact that growth is all but gone. For at least the next year, the situation will even be worse. There are a number of industry prognosticators who expect the endorsements for this fiscal year to be about the same as last year with the outlook for next year to most likely be even worse.

    Most look at fiscal 2016 as the bottom of the endorsement pit but the question is how much better will fiscal 2017 be (if any at all)? Whoever claimed that the Extreme Summit would result in 300 million endorsements in fiscal year 2018 (oh, oh, he said 300,000 endorsements but whose counting the zeros) must have been joking. Some call it overoptimism (but none dare call it what it is).

    • I’ll say it like it is….but will they post it. I’ve been in this business for 10 years and over that time I have seen, like the rest of you, companies and people come and go. The only thing that hasn’t changed are the folks that market this product. They just moved from company to company and continue to do the same marketing they’ve always done. The result over the last 10 years is a continued downward spiral from a high of 140K plus loans to 50K loans. Remember when Annuities were considered a horrible product and all the negative press they got? Now they’re mainstream…….must have been some great marketing along with product changes!!!

      • Bob,

        What year was it that endorsements ever got over 115,000? Your “140,000 PLUS” is a “Bridge Too Far.”

        When were annuities as a class considered a horrible product? Annuity is derived from the Latin root for year. Allegedly Roman emperors made contracts for the government to make annual payouts and are considered the first annuities. Annuities were “mainstream” even before Charlemagne.

        Yes, types of annuities and certain features of annuities have been considered far too risky in the Twentieth Century but now owners can select less risky features that are more in line with their situation.

        Among the points you cover which are grounded in fact is the movement of originators from one company to another; however, you can say that about a number of positions within our little industry.

        Such movement is an everyday occurrence in the real estate industry. There many companies rise, ebb, and even disappear. The same has been true in many diverse industries including steel, engineering, law, accounting, architecture, you name it. Where it is rare is in government employment.

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