Reverse Focus Takes Business Global With New Partnership

Reverse Focus has secured a consulting agreement with Heartland New Zealand Limited, the leading provider of reverse mortgages in New Zealand, the company announced recently.

The assignment, through the company’s Consulting Services Division, represents the first international foray for Reverse Focus, a tech company that develops tools and strategies for reverse mortgage professionals.

Reverse Focus has conducted on-site analysis of Heartland New Zealand Limited, which recently acquired New Zealand-based home equity release business Sentinel, as well as Australian Seniors Finance.


“The New Zealand and Australian markets remind me of the U.S. marketplace 10 years ago, which makes this assignment extremely exciting for me and the Team at Reverse Focus,” said Executive Vice President Rhiannon Behnke. “The opportunity for Heartland to leverage our collective experience in the U.S. marketplace provides a unique perspective in the next stage of product acceptance and consumer education.”

The Consulting Services Division of Reverse Focus was launched with the addition of Rhiannon Behnke in September 2014 and now has a pipeline of several other foreign-based companies interested in leveraging the firm’s experience.

Reverse Focus’ goal is to provide guidance on technology, marketing operations, liquidity needs, raising capital and working with U.S.-based firms that look to build a strategic exit plan.

“The knowledge and experience of Rhiannon and her team is impressive and we look forward to working with them,” Heartland executive Chris Flood said. “At Heartland, our primary objectives are to consolidate the ‘best practices’ of our New Zealand and Australian businesses, improve operational efficiencies and deliver a consistent, superior customer experience. We believe that RF can help us achieve these goals.”

Written by Emily Study

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  • I agree with Michael Banner. The opportunity is staggering. This should bring a lot of attention to seniors right here at home. The more positive news on reverse mortgages, the better it will be for all of us!

    I join Michael in saying, way to go Rhiannon and your team, only the best of luck.

    John A. Smaldone

  • This is an interesting foray into a new market, but the opportunity abroad as in the US is currently rather limited. The costs of operating abroad even as an Internet opportunity can exceed any related revenues.

    Before we get too carried away with the congratulations, let us wait for results; HOWEVER, the foresight in attempting this foreign move does deserve strong, positive recognition.

    Let us hope this venture finds success.

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