Reverse Mortgage Industry Honors Joe DeMarkey With Service Award

In recognizing the time, efforts and resources of individuals who have left—and continue to leave—a mark on the reverse mortgage industry, the 14th annual Reverse Mortgage Day of Texas this week honored Reverse Mortgage Funding’s Joe “Tex” DeMarkey with the Jim Mahoney Distinguished Service Award.

DeMarkey, who has led several reverse mortgage divisions including that of including MetLife and most recently through his role as a principal member of Reverse Mortgage Funding, has long worked toward industry initiatives both in states including Texas, and Washington, D.C.

“The award is given to someone who gives more to the industry than he gets back,” says Scott Norman, National Retail Sales vice president for Urban Financial of America. “In his years in the reverse mortgage business Joe has exemplified this.”


DeMarkey has worked for reverse mortgage legislation on the state level, as well as the national level, with his work spanning several initiatives this year and in years past, Norman says.

“His work can’t be boiled down to one, or even a few, achievements,” Norman said.

The Jim Mahoney Distinguished Service Award is granted annually to the individual who has contributed significant work to the reverse mortgage industry in the past year. Past recipients of the award include Al Alsup, Jim Milano, Peter Bell and John Fleming.

This year’s Reverse Mortgage Day of Texas garnered its second-largest attendance to date, reporting an uptick in first-time attendees and reverse mortgage newcomers.

Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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  • Many of my relatives are Texans. Joe ain’t Texan. He ain’t no son of the Alamo either.

    Yankee Joe is a guy whose service to the industry should be highly recognized by all. Congratulations to Joe and congratulations to the members of the 14th annual Reverse Mortgage Day of Texas for recognizing his service to the industry.

    Way to go Yankee Joe.

  • I thought the Cynic’s remark was as original as any could be! Job well done Cynic and my congratulations follow that of the Cynic’s to Joe!

    Way to go Yankee Joe!!!!

    John A. Smaldone

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