HUD: FHA’s Latest Lender Recertification Tool Has Kinks

Those using the latest Federal Housing Administration’s (FHA) Lender Electronic Assessment Portal (LEAP) may be experiencing some hiccups, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) admits in a recent notice to program users.

Those using FHA’s LEAP version 3.0, deployed May 27, may be experiencing “difficulty executing some functions in the system,” FHA says in a news release. 

Some of the functionality issues include adding new branches, making changes to existing branches, and changing Cash Flow Accounts, FHA says. Some lenders have also had difficulty submitting their annual recertifications in LEAP


“FHA is working diligently to resolve these issues, and hopes to have LEAP operating at its full capacity as quickly as possible,” FHA says, adding that the organization is enthusiastic about the long-term business transformation benefits of the newest LEAP program.

As FHA continues to address these issues, lenders should continue working to meet the June 30 deadline for submitting their recertification packages, FHA says.

Those finding difficulty in filing through LEAP should visit the LEAP manual or FHA Connection User Guide.

The new LEAP program changed the communication and delivery methods for reporting business changes to FHA as well as how lenders submit their annual recertification package, discussed in the HUD Handbook. 

Written by Cassandra Dowell


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  • kinks?


    Our company submitted an application well over a month ago, after waiting a few weeks for the payment part of the site to work, then managed to send the $1000 (gasp!) payment, and nothing since. Imagine if you were in business, took $1000 from someone and there was no follow-up email, no way to communicate with the payee, and when you call, you can only speak to a remote third party who alleges to have ‘sent a message’ to ‘somebody’ but after weeks of waiting the calls never come in, no messages, nothing. It is the new world of dumbed down incompetence, reckless and unprofessional behavior. It is the sort of thing that would put an ordinary company out of business, but it is the celebrated manner in which a government bureaucracy stays *in* business. This reflects the people in charge. In terms of management they get a big fat F.

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