Security One Lending Partners with Senior Real Estate Specialists Council

Reverse mortgage lender Security One Lending today announced it has partnered with the Senior Real Estate Specialists (SERS) Council—a partnership that will foster reverse mortgage education among 15,000 Realtors.

“The SRES Council, with its network of 15,000 members across the country that specialize in working with the 50+ market is looking forward to building a successful business partnership with Security One Lending,” said SRES Council managing director Heidi Henning. “Aligning ourselves with the largest full-service reverse mortgage company in the industry will provide numerous benefits to SRES Designees and their customers.”

Security One has additional initiatives under way to educate financial planners through the recent establishment of a task force and reverse mortgage advisory board. 


The partnership with real estate professionals who specialize in working with the senior population will further support the shared mission of serving that population, Security One’s president of retail lending Torrey Larsen said. 

“Security One Lending is excited to have this new relationship with the SRES Council as we have a shared mission, a dedication to providing outstanding service to the senior community,” Larsen said. “Now more than ever, seniors need to be aware of their options when it comes to housing. By working with the SRES Realtors we can both serve as a dedicated, knowledgeable resource on a national and local level.”

Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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  • Since early 2009, it has been interesting that with all of the talk about reaching out to Realtors, how essentially none of it focused on those with the SRES designation. Now that S1L is in the position to make such partnerships, it is striving to open the door into those specialties which emphasize senior homeownership. Not only does S1L and its staff benefit directly from such strategic alliances but it also alerts an influential segment of Realtors that we firmly believe the new HECM is the best answer to cash flow needs for far more seniors than currently have HECMs.

    We believe that the H4P product is a vastly underutilized financial product which can become a significant part of the growth of our industry.

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